Jun 24, 2013

PAYDAY: The Heist and Overdrill challenge.

No, theres wont be any tutorials how-to do Overdrill challenge.

In this message, I am just amazed by community of PAYDAY: The Heist.

Seriously, whats the point of making Overdrill challenges 2 times in row and completing? Right, for the reputation.

The Overdrill challenge is the easiest way to level up fast(75K cash without "Mr.Nice guy" bonus and 85K cash with "Mr.Nice guy" bonus."), but personally, I perfer to level up in normal way(A.K.A. Completing challenges\Objectives.)
Its fine to complete Overdrill challenge once upon time(To get achievement of course.), but its not fun making again and again.

Sadly for me, theres thousands of people, who do Overdrill challenge 2\3\4\~ times. And just for leveling.
Its like: You coming up to lobby with FWB(First World Bank), just for gameplay and fun, and then a word appears in chat: "Overdrill?". If I were to host, Ill be gladly to kick them, but I cant host, because of my laptop.
If you are going to answer: "No", you will get kicked(just because you rejected to do this challenge) or a big rage will crush to you and then you will get kicked.

Sometimes, people wont tell you, that they are about to do Overdrill challenge, and you will play normaly, of course. You shot down all cameras in the bank\vault, and theres will be 2 ways:
1st one-They gonna rage at you and you will get kicked or they just gonna ragequit.
2st one-They will attempt to open the hidden vault and only then(when they finally will get it that cameras are offline), gonna rage at you.(Just like in this screenshot. Bad quality, but I dont care right now. )
Personally, its just makes me sad, when I see bunch of FWB lobbies, and 75%(Or even more) of them is up for overdrill challenge only.
Like in this pictures:

So whats the point of my message here?
Point is: Completing "Overdrill" challenge is just boring\not fun, if you doing this more and more.
Thats fine, if you are trying for first time, but its just sad, that you are doing again and again.

Have fun and good luck to everyone.(Not only for PAYDAY: The Heist community.)

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