Jul 9, 2013

GoldSource(GoldSrc) model porting. The Specialist animations to Sven Coop.

So yeah....I created another tutorial for people who may still want to learn something.
I am sure, some people liked animations from The Specialist, and wanted them to use in Sven Coop.
Actually, its easy job too, but some sequences has 2 animations in one sequence.
This option called as: Blend.
BUT. I am not going to step way too far forward.

We are here to convert some animations from The Specialist, right? Right. Lets do it.

What tools we have to use.
HLMV(With decompiler\compiler, as usual).

So yeah...what to do?
  1. We need to decompile model. (As usual.) (If you still have your model decompiled, you can skip this step.)
  2. Find animation, that we like: Example "morfy_jump.smd".
  3. Open this file with notepad
  4. Easiest job ever. Translate Italian words into English.
  5. Save it.
  6. Rename this animation: Example: "long_jump.smd"
  7. Copy and past this animation in model, that ready to compile. If it going ask to: Replace file? Answer as: Yes, replace it. (Better to have a backup, actually.)
  8. Compile the model and test it in game.
  9. Enjoy.
No pictures for now.(My battery on laptop is running low)

To Do list:
Make videos for tutorials. (Status: Canceled. Reason: Fraps cant record videos from desktop on Windows 8. And I am not going to use any another software for it, because they are not good enough for me.)

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