Jul 5, 2013

GoldSource(GoldSrc). The Specialist to Sven Coop player model porting.

Sometimes, I wanted to convert some player models from The Specialist, because they look some kind of cool.

I wasnt sure how-to convert them, but Horrawr and my little mind helped me out with this.

So yeah.

Today, Ill try to make another tutorial called:
The Specialist to Sven Coop player model porting.

So yeah...what we have to use today...
  1. HLMV(With decompiler\compiler), of course.
  2. MilkShape 3D(Just in case. Used to convert some animations from The Specialist 3.)
  3. Google translator(Just in case, if you are a lazy to read my words.)
  4. Fresh mind
  5. Great music from "Lost Tracks and Memories" album by Andreas Rönnberg.

Lets get starting.

Today, I will use this model. (All credits goes right to the author.)

First off: Decompile this model with your HLMV.
Second: Find "whitey.qc" (Because the model named as whitey)

Now take your attention at some information:

Marked information: Your attention!

  • Reference mesh(es), you need to find "mercenary.smd" file. I tell you why later.
  • Attachment(s)
  • Bone controller(s)
  • Hit Box(es)
Valve is using English words in their .qc, just like Sven Coop do.
The Specialist mod uses Italian words and they are need to be translated, in order to make model work in Sven coop.

So yeah. Here's your objective list:
  1. Find mercenary.smd file and translate Italian words into English.
  2. Translate Italian words under Attachments\Bone Controllers\HitBoxes section.
WARNING: DON'T TRANSLATE "Bip01" words! Dont even touch them! Just put translated words after "Bip01 ..."! Messing around with this one will destroy the whole model(Probably.)

Easiest job ever, is it, comrade?
Well, I guess you dont know Italian, and you need a help, right?
Right. And I am here to help you again.

Theres 2 ways to translate words

  1. Use a Google translate
  2. Use my translated words already.
Italian To (>) English

Bacino > Pelvis
SX Coscia > L Leg
SX Polpaccio > L Leg1
SX Piede > L Foot
DX Coscia > R Leg
DX Polpaccio > R Leg1
DX Piede > R Foot
Dorso > Spine
Dorso1 > Spine1
Dorso2 > Spine2
Dorso3 > Spine3
Collo > Neck
SX Clavicola > L Arm
SX Braccio superiore > L Arm1
SX Avambraccio > L Arm2
DX Clavicola > R Arm
DX Braccio superiore > R Arm1
DX Avambraccio > R Arm2
Testa > Head
SX Mano > L Hand
DX Mano > R Hand 

Use it.
Now lets take a look at those 2 images.


This is translated Attachments\BoneControllers\HitBoxes and .smd file.

Your job is almost done, sir! But you have to finish the job, right? Right. Save those files, and forget about them for a while.

Your next objective is: Take a whatever player model from Sven Coop and decompile it. Why? Because of Animations.

 Actually, we can convert animations from The Specialist too, but theres not enough animations for Sven Coop. So, yeah, decompile it.

I will decompile: gman.mdl one.

After decompiling gman model, Ill open "gman.qc" file and will head down to the "Sequences list".
Oh God! Thats a lot of animations we got there!

But anyway. Copy the whole "Sequence" list and put in " whitey.qc" file under "Sequences"

Now save " whitey.qc" file and lets keep going.
Before compiling your converted model, copy ALL .smd animations from decompiled Sven Coop model and past them into folder, where our converted model is ready for delivery.
(Be sure, you are not pasting reference.smd's. Posting a new reference with same model, may mess up with your model.)

Now when you are done with copy-pasting operation, you can now open HLMV again and use compiler tool to finish your job. Wait for compiler and here you go. Look at your new model in HLMV.

Here you go. Now backup any player model(Example: th_gangster), that you want replace, then rename your converted model.(Example: whitey>>th_gangster), then replace your converted model and test it in game.

Now, your job is done. You can now play with converted model and enjoy.

Credits: Player model credits: Sven Coop Team and to author one(The nickname of author wasnt added in GameBanana page yet.)
You can download The Specialist mod for Half-Life 1 by clicking this link


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