Aug 28, 2013

Cry of Fear(Lost tracks and Manhunt).

In my first message, I writed that I like Andreas Rönnberg 's music and his albums. After sometime, Andreas Rönnberg released a new album called: "Cry of Fear(Lost Tracks and Manhunt)."
Yes, I know. Its pretty old news, but still. You need to listen this album, because this album got awesome music. I really liked songs like: 
"Soon I Will be Dead", 
"My Faith";
"Simon is Back";
"Everything Hurts";
"It's Over". Some songs like "My Faith" can be found in Cry of Fear folder from Steam, but if you really, really love Andreas Rönnberg's music\album\stuff, then its better to support him by buying his new album.

Personally: I love the music from all 3 albums.(Cry of Fear Officail Soundtrack, Cry of Fear:Lost Tracks and Memories, Cry of Fear: Lost Tracks and Manhunt) and I glad that I can buy his new album now.

The link of album Cry of Fear Offical Soundtrack is here.
The link of album Cry of Fear: Lost Tracks and Memories is here.
The link of new album is here.(Just click it.)

Thanks and have a good day.


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