Sep 14, 2013

Contagion: Video game.


Contagion. A video game, thats right a video game, not a movie. You may never heard about this game(Or you did, but you dont have enough information for this?). Let me explain what is this game is.

Contagion is a FPS game builded and heavily edited on Source Engine. This game is about zombie apocalypse and you and your team is trying to survive this outbreak.

Contagion got different gamemodes such as:

  1. Escape: In Escape mode, you and your team are trying to get away from this place filled with zombies by completing objectives together. Keep your smart phone close to check all current\pervious objectives, cover your comrades, work together in order to survive and get out from place.
  2. Extraction: In Extraction mode, you and your team are looking for survivors in order to rescue them. They are hiding in house, which one house is? Your phone will work as GPS at this mode, so keep it close too in order to check current way to find hidin survivors. Work together, dont let survivors die and you will be fine. If you managed to rescue survivor, he will give you an ammo\weapons in exchange for saving him. More rescued survivors=more rewards for your team.
  3. Hunted: Since zombie apocalypse started, survivors have to do everything to survive. Hunted mode is a Deathmatch gamemode, allowing you to kill other players. Your smart phone will work as phone, but not like in Escape mode. Use your phone to track down enemies, force them to make few noises(To make sure, the enemy is near by.) and then get rid of enemies. But be extremely careful: Ma kin to much noise, may attract unwanted attention, because you can be hunted down too by other players. Stay quiet, put enemies down, be the Hunter.


You are one of humans who survived the zombie outbreak, but how long you are ready to fight against zombies and live? Work for your team, complete the objectives, survive.

You are free to use any weapon, such as: Melee weapnos\shotguns\pistols\assault rifles\sniper rifles and more.

Be careful: Zombies are sneaky too and once upon time they will take you down, if you are not careful enough. You can use stealth in order to stay away from zombies and save your ammo, or you can go into Guns blazing, but your ammo will quickly gone and you will be swarmed. Choices? All yours.


Zombie players can create their own horde, in order to assault houses\possitions and take humans down.

You can also use grapple humans and eat their flesh in hopes to infect them, if they managed to escape from you.

Be sneaky zombie: Let the AI take control of your zombie in order to camouflage yourself and avoid to being detected by survivors that arent careful enough.

Zombie vision allows you to see better at dark. This makes easier for you to find survivors and kill em.

Screenshots\Videos(Media in other words).

Here you go: Enjoy.

Note: Resolution of video\screenshots might be different.

Information: Release date, Kickstarter and more.

Creators of Contagion(Developer team)Monochrome team.
Monochrome team? Never heard about this team, tell me more, please.: MonochromeLLC (also known as Monochrome Games or just Monochrome) is an American Independent video game Studio. Founded by Brian "Tatsur0" Comer (CEO) the creator of the popular Half-Life 2 Modification Zombie Panic: Source and with the help of Alex Wright (COO), Ulrich Gollick (CIO), and a dedicated team of professionals we're currently developing our springboard title "Contagion" a spiritual successor to the above mentioned modification.
Release date: 25 Octomber with Early Access on Steam.
How much it will cost?: At this moment, Contagion costs 15$. 

What is Kickstarter?: Kickstarter are place, where you can buy\support developers of Contagion. The project page is here. Just click this text.(Project ended) Please, for the love of God, support developers more then 15$, developers deserved much more then 15$.
More media, please?: Coming soon.

Thats over for now. Thank you for reading.


P.S. Possible grammatic errors\mistakes are in this post. Sorry about that. Possible Russian version coming soon...

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