Sep 6, 2013

UnderHell. Half-Life 2 Modification.

What I can say about this mod?
I am impressed. Seriously, this is great mod for 2013 year.

The music is great timed, the scenario was a bit confusing, but youll understand everything easily.
Personally, I played the prologue and chapter 1 and I really like it. Sadly, theres some bugs like:
  • Zombies cant climb on tables to get you. This makes you feel as God whenever the horde is about to get you.
  • Scripting errors.
  • _shield issues. Not a big problem, its almost unnotciable, but the console is going to spam you with this issue.
  • Most of times, guards\zombies arent trying to kill you in cabinet, even if they know that you are hidein in cabinet.
  • Flashlight on AI issues.(Maybe caused by low settings for me, but I dont think so, personally.)
Actually, why I have to write down everything, where you can try to play as yourself?

This mod doesnt need a Half-Life 2, it only needs an Source SDK 2007. Thats right, only Source SDK 2007 on Steam from "Tools" tab.

You can download the mod by clicking here.
You can download Source SDK 2007 on Steam by clicking here.

Thanks and have a good day.


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