Nov 27, 2013

Half-Life 2D. A modification for Counter-Strike 2D.

Well yeah, I am not kidding right now.
This mod ISNT Dead. Its still alive, trust me.

Yes, Half-Life 2D is still in heavy alpha stage. My great friend Roster is still working on this mod, but he do need a hand for his mod.

He requres some mappers\people who can create sprties and more. If you want to help him, please contact him here.

Theres a lot things needs to be done. It requres a lot time, because this mod is being developed by 2 guys(for now.) Its really hard enough, all I can say.

I am part of Half-Life 2D developer team(VALVe2D.) and all I am supposted to do, is just some video filimg around and doing trailers and more. I can also make some sounds around, but they are not really great.

Heres some video that I made earlier. I had almost no idea how to talk on English properly at that moment, but hey, dont judjge me now.

We got some plans for this mod, and maybe just maybe, we'll try to keep you updated on moddb page.

Ill try to keep you updated here on my blog.
Talk with you later.


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