Dec 21, 2013

A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack

An interesting soudntrack around here.

Personally, I like this album, but theres few interesting moments around in intro sound.

So yeah, Old Hoxton got jailed in some prison and he was discussing with his lawyer about his crew, complaining about new Hoxton who is using his name and his mask, asking Lawyer to help him to get out from prison and mentonied Bain.(Once again.).

I think this is some kinda of secret of PAYDAY2, like getting Old Hoxton out from prison or something? Not sure really, maybe I should listen a little more and closer.

Theres also some songs was signed by Old Hoxton and he signed really great.
You can buy this soundtrack on Steam. Make sure you got PAYDAY 2 on Steam too in order to buy this soudntrack.

Thanks and have fun.


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