Dec 13, 2014

Contagion: Cant wait for Escape maps?

Oh yeah, especially for those who were crying about "LACK OF CONTENT".


A friend of mine named CCL Sama was working(and he still working on it!) on map called: Highschool Of The Zed. He worked hard, really hard on it and from what I can say, I was impressed.

The map focuses on hardcore co-op. Overall time of completing map: 40-60 minutes, but if you are playing alone for first time, it will take much more.(Mine was 94:16 :/)
Besides of looking objective items like: keycards\keys\boltcutters, you will also have to look for food\toolboxes\gasoline\papers\cables and more. The amount of zombies are pretty much insane and playing on Extreme difficulty is like a simple death wish. Still, you can complete the map alone on Normal\Hard difficulty. I havent seen anyone beating the map on Extreme difficulty yet, but I am sure some people are trying to beat it at this moment.

"Sounds cool, can I play it?"

Sure you can, but keep in mind: The map is in beta stage at this moment. 
You need also carefully read the whole description of Workshop item if you dont want keep asking yourself some common questions.

"Any media? Screenshots or videos?"

Sure, they are all located in Workshop item page. Dont be lazy and take a look on it by yourself.

Thanks and have fun.

Nov 24, 2014

Contagion: Player controlled zombies and how to be deadly as zombie.

Some people may took their time to read how to get rid of player controlled zombies, but in this message, I would like to explain how to be deadly on dark side. Zombies.

Before moving on...

I wont be surprised if people wont read anything here and instead they are going to keep complaining about how boring to play as player controlled zombie or how they arent ready to play as player controlled zombie. Let me show you example:
(Demonstration purpose only. No name and shame as usual.)

In my opinion: If you are rushing at survivors and you keep dying, of course its boring, but if you doing something different - it starts to be interesting.

Alright...lets take a look what we can do as player controlled zombie.

"We can walk, yeah, we can run by holding sprint button, yeah, simple. We can attack with our swipes if we want kill Survivors or break the doors down. Dayumn, this game is like ZP: S2, I like this game already. Oh, I see him, lets get him. *Running straight towards to Survivor who is carrying MP5K* *gets killed by one shot in brainbox* OH WTF, HE KILLED ME THAT FAST, WTF IS THIS GAME?"
-Typical logic of most players.

Let me warn you, if you are expecting Contagion game as Zombie Panic! Source 2, then Ill ask you to leave this page immediately and stop playing Contagion.

If you clearly understand that Contagion is not going to be ZP:S2 for you, then you are welcome to stay.

Yes, you can run, you can walk, you can attack with your swipes, but you also have 6 abilities for all cases.


A simple Zombie Vision. When you turn your ZVision on, your sceren will turn into bright red and you will be able to see which one zombie is following you, issued commands to AI zombies, footsteps, Survivors, glowing doors\barricades that allows you to break them down and who is infected. Simple usage.


The name suits for himself. When you use this ability, you are starting roaring and if you got AI zombies around, they will respond with same roar and will start following you. An HUD will show you how much AI zombies is following you. The maximum number of followers is 15.
AI zombies who is following you will have yellow splatter and they will move whereever you see. If AI zombies will spot Survivor near by while roaring, they will start attacking Survivor immediately. They will also start chasing Survivor down when you are looking at him, giving AI zombies command to start chasing him down. Be careful with roar though, Survivors will know about player zombie wandering around.


I cant believe how people cant realize that Blend ability is useful in some cases.
Blend ability allows AI take control over your zombie and attempt to hide yourself among the horde. This is useful when some Survivors arent careful enough. 
This one is greatly useful in Hunted gamemode, as Survivors is trying to stay quiet as possible and will avoid all AI zombies around, is it also useful in Barlowe Square at any gamemode type, because of the map size and limited ammo, Survivors will force to take their shots carefully and try not to waste their ammo, which means they may also will try to avoid AI zombies.
Also, the blend allows you to see whats waiting you behind that corner, as 3rd person camera mods activates whenever you are triggering blend mode.


Pretty much simple.
Roar>Command. Different strategy can be used with command ability. Useful for distractions.

Grapple attacking.

Ever wanted to break Survivor's lucky day by the infection or just want to slow their foot down?
This attack is just what you are looking for.
Grapple attack allows you to instantly infect Survivor(depends on difficulty), slow them down and sometimes make them jump scare. In exchange of this fun, this type of attack works only from behind (the special icon shows up, allowing you to grapple) and also you need to have almost full stamina bar. Also deals not much damage, but still.

Climb over the fences\hop on the small props\jump and climb on roofs.

If you get close to the fence, you'll notice the icon showing up allowing you to jump, hop on, climb on something. Useful if you want do some surprises from above or just need to get somewhere really fast.

Thats it. Lets take a look at common strategies.

Common strategies of typical player controlled zombies.

Running straight to Survivor and\or not dodging while on the way.

Completely useless strategy, but it works for average players.

Attacking from behind with swipes instead of using grapple.

Just like the previous one. Useless, but still works on new\average players.

Exposing yourself by running\walking around.

Even if they have AI horde with them, the Survivors will start shooting at player controlled zombies and only after putting him down, they'll focus on AI. Running around as well as different walking animation is what exactly expose these zombies and their cover. Not much people knows about this trick, so it still works on average players.

Jumping while chasing someone\trying to avoid fire.

Jumping zombie is a dead zombie, unless he is jumping at Survivor when he is close.

All of these common strategies usually leads to quick deaths of player controlled zombies. Instead of doing these common strategies, why wont you be a little smarter and do something unusual? Lets take a look on it...

Different strategy for you or how to not let yourself die that quickly.

These strategies are unusual for most players in Contagion. Use them and enjoy the stuff.

Attacking from above.

Roofs\ledges\jumping from second floor to the first floor, doesnt matter. If you are jumping right at Survivors heads, you will surely hit them once or twice before they realize what just happened and starts shooting at you. Attacking with grapple is also great move, but you know exchange.

Using grapple attack when some Survivors arent careful, lonely.

Like I said, it can infect you instantly(depends on difficulty), slow them down and such. Works perfectly when you got AI horde too. They either distracts Survivor while you sneaking them behind, or while grappling them, the AI horde deals additional damage. The more AI's beating Survivor up, the more damage will be dealt and sometimes, Survivors will die because of this kind of attack.
One little thing that most player controlled zombies will hate: The grapple sequence attack must be fully completed in order to deal damage and transmitting the infection. This means, if your attack got interrupted by just getting shot or attacked with melee weapon, your grapple attack will not be completed, the Survivor will be set free and will shoot at you and no damage at all was dealt while attacking(swipes are different story).


Lonely Survivor running around and\or avoiding AI zombies? Wanna stop that athletic guy?
Then this kind of strategy is what you are looking for.

Blend, and wait until Survivor will get close to you. When he is getting close, unblend in time and grapple him. Once seqeuence is done, the Survivor either will start shooting or will attempt to run away, making himself easy target to get killed. You will be able to hit Survivor with swipes at least 2 times before getting killed. You cant do anything much, because your stamina is gone due grapple, but in exchange, you dealt some damage to Survivor or killed him.

Grapple+AI horde.

This one is great for stopping lonely, not careful, hoarder junk. Same moves as "Blend+Grapple", but you need AI horde following you or some AI zombies moving\attacking Survivor. While grappling, ensure AI zombies are close to you. The Survivor wont be able to do anything as he slowed down and he cant shoot, while AI and you attacking Survivor dealing him a massive damage. If the grapple attack is finished and Survivor managed to kill you after grapple, he'll still need to take care of AI zombies. Hope for AI zombies to kill Survivor in this case.

AI distraction.

Command AI zombies who is following you and let AI do some distraction. The more AI, the longer distraction will work, but you got limited time. If you got Riot zombie with you, then you got a little longer time, but that doesnt mean you dont need to be hurry. Ensure to stay behind Survivors lines first, before AI zombie distraction. Use your grapple attack but be careful. Some Survivors may notice you and will start shooting at you immediately.

Sneaking around.

Theres a lot places allowing you to hide yourself and watching Survivor's approach. Use them and once they'll pass you or when they close, attack them. Be careful though: These hiding spots will not save you at all, if Survivor is experienced a lot.


Most official maps have a shortcuts. For example: Vent system. This allows player controlled zombie reach Survivors really quick in no time. Use them, if you want to finish Survivor off or you got spawned way to far.

Crouch while attacking.

This one is the most hateful move from player controlled zombies, but that doesnt mean you are going to be God with this kind of sequence. When you are close to Survivor, you can crouch a little to dodge enemy fire and use your swipes to deal some damage.

Things you should remember:

Brainbox=your life.

In order to kill you quickly, Survivors have to shoot you right in brainbox. Anything else will not kill you that fast as brainbox shot.

Stay away from Survivors sights if you are far away from them.

Survivors got firearms. Zombies dont. Who is going to win? Correct. Survivors, because they can shoot you from long distance in brainbox and you'll die. Either hide somewhere or stay away from them until they'll get close.

If you got spotted, do something useful instead of letting yourself die.

Run away from them and hope for not getting shot in brainbox or something else. Dont run straight to Survivor, as you'll die quickly.

Got infected while playing as Survivor?

So lets imagine, you got infected from AI attack. What are you gonna do next? 
Tell Survivors you are infected? But its not interesting, why you cant just surprise your friends by holding your head with hands and screaming like someone who is getting killed? 
Dont want surprise them? Simple hide somewhere not far from Survivors and wait until you'll turn and then get some fun as zombie. Careful though, some Survivors will start looking for you while turning.

Leave infected Survivors alone.

While playing as zombie with zombie vision on, sometimes youll meet some Survivors with yellow icon under their legs:
You may gonna wonder: What the hell is this?
The icon means the Survivor is infected and soon or later will turn into zombie. In most times its better to leave these kind of Survivors alone or kill him fast if Survivor is about to escape.

Doors are your worst enemies.

Depends on difficulty, but if you are playing on Normal difficulty, you will break the door with 1-1.5 minutes. Use AI horde if you want to destroy the door really quickly. Ensure Survivor will not close the doors after themselfs somehow.

Got cockroached? Dont worry.

Player controlled zombies got 6-7 lives by default. If you ran out of zombie lives, you will turn into cockroach. You can wait, or you can ragequit. Your choice. If you failed to be deadly as zombie, practice yourself.


The whole point of this message is telling you to use different strategies and stop complaining how boring playing as zombie is as well as doing ragequits whenever you are getting killed as Survivor. Like I said: Do something unusual and you'll enjoy the stuff. By the way: Most people will ragequit whenever they gets killed, so most of times, you will be lonely player controlled zombie, but youll get used to it. Manage your zombie lives\tactics properly and you'll become lord of damned. Some people will also rage at you when they died by your hands for example:

Its cute to see people ragin about player controlled zombies which may make you feel a bit happier.
(To-do: Upload some videos as examples...)

Thanks and have fun.

Nov 9, 2014

Andreas Rönnberg: Train Tracks.

In my opinion, this album is worth of attention.

Once upon time, Andreas Rönnberg created some cool albums\soundtracks as well as great modifications for Half-Life 1 called as: Afraid of Monsters and Cry of Fear(Cry of Fear is a free standalone game on Steam, but I remember that game as mod). I was keep tracking his progress about his music, because I liked that kind of music so much. Simple, depressive music is just my personal preference. Andreas Rönnberg already created 3(if I am not mistaken) albums named as: 
  1. Cry of Fear - Soudntrack;
  2. Cry of Fear - Lost Tracks and Memories;
  3. Cry of  Fear - Manhunt.
After some time, I noticed he was working on forth album named as: Train Tracks. 
Heres the preview of his album:take a look here.

As he said: It will be released shortly and I personally waiting for that album. I believe that album will be awesome just like  his previous albums. We'll see, I guess.

Thanks and have fun.

Oct 11, 2014

Contagion: Recent update and issues with it at this moment.

Sometimes that happens.

The changelog:

- Added new map CH_Lakeland (Hunted Game-Mode) for ZombieFest sponsored by Monochrome LLC
- Added numerous assets for multiple maps
- Replaced old assets with newer & better versions
- Optimized, Fixed exploits, Bugs, and improved game-play for both Barlowe Square and Pioneer Express
Hotfix 10.11.2014:
Vscripts fixed, allowing players enjoy Escape gamemode again.

The issues:

I dont know what just happened but Escape gamemode isnt working at all. This is caused by glitch in script. I have tested both versions(public and playtester builds) and I would like to inform that everything works perfect in playtester build. Probably the scripts wasnt updated properly or something else, I dont know.

FIXED with recent hotfix.

Some people reported that private servers having problems with scripts again, while all official servers working fine. I personally dont have this problem, so I cant really tell.
*update of this one*
It appears to be, Gameservers are still providing old vscripts files causing Escape gamemode not working on community servers.
Private\LAN servers should be alright.

CH_Lakeland wasnt added in mapcycle and at this moment, most official servers isnt running that map at all.
(Will be fixed in next update.)

Thanks and have fun.

Oct 9, 2014

Contagion: CH_Lakeland screenshot and ZombieFest stuff.

This is just a quick message.

CH_Lakeland screenshot:

A: When the time comes.

Q: Another Hunted map?
A: Yes. This map will be used in ZombieFest event in Downtown.

Q: Can we get more media?
A: Not at this moment. New media might be shown in streams or videos or something at 11 Oct.

Q: Whats up with ZombieFest?
A: Ill just post a link and youll take a look by yourself. Here.

ZombieFest itself and our developers.

Some developers are off and moved in for ZombieFest. I believe the ZombieFest will be streamed somewhere, by someone, but I cant promise anything about that. CH_Lakeland might be also shown there. Keep your eyes open.

Q: But what about DLC?
A: The DLC is coming alone nice. Dont worry. If you have watched recent Friday Frenzy Stream, you could notice that M1 Grand was shown there and yes, this weapon will be added in future DLC.

Thanks and have fun.

Sep 15, 2014

Contagion: New patch went live on Steam.

Today is a Monday. A day that most likely will bring some bad and good stuff to you. But we are here for the patch, huh? Alright...

- Added new triggers and challenges to Biotec
- Added new gates to CE_StoneCreek
- Optimized the following maps. CE_RoanokePD, CE_Biotec, CE_StoneCreek, and CE_BarloweSquare
- Significantly improved Zombie Pathing & Nav Mesh in CE_RoanokePD, CE_Biotec, CE_StoneCreek, and CE_BarloweSquare
- Removed dozens of Bugs, Exploits, and Glitches in CE_RoanokePD, CE_Biotec, CE_StoneCreek, and CE_BarloweSquare
- Rebuilt numerous Biotec and BarloweSquare Props to avoid issues with Players & AI

And no. I am not saying that patch is bad or good or something else. I am just pointing out that I hate Mondays.
Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy these fixes\improvements in game and maybe I'll see you in game.

Thanks and have fun.

Sep 5, 2014

Contagion: Player zombies and how to deal with them.

In this message, Ill try to explain how to deal with player controlled zombies.

You can also take your time to read my guide about playing as zombie.


It took me few minutes to find threads where people COMPLAINING about Player controlled zombies. I am not going to name and shame persons, Ill just put these threads and you'll see by yourself:

And theres more and more threads almost like that. Seriously, people, is that really hard to deal with these damn player controlled zombies?

But their hitboxes are broken! 
Fuck no, they arent. These hitboxes are accurate(tested all by myself) and lag compensation works fine.
They are just overpowered! 
Then train yourself and make YOURSELF overpowered against player controlled zombies. You got guns for defending.
Its just non-sense in Escape gamemode!
Sounds to me, you died much from them or just not ready yet.
And the list still being filled with all these complains. People asked WAY to much for removing player controlled zombies. But guess what? I doubt that player zombies will be removed from your game. As Tatsur0 said once upon time:
We cant make everyone happy.
So yeah...
Then tell me how to deal with them!
Fine fine.

Common tactics of player controlled zombies.

Before moving on how to deal with player controlled zombies, we got to take a look on few common tactics that most player controlled zombies do.
  1. Running towards you.
  2. Running towards you and zig-zagging on their way.
  3. Beating you up from behind instead of using grapple attack.
  4. Jumping and\or crouching when near by.
  5. Exposing themselfs by running\walk around.
Thats what I have seen so far in most rounds in Contagion.

 Rules what you should remember in first order!

Know your weapon! Each weapon got own accuracy\recoil\mag size and firepower.
To get best accuracy of weapon:
  1. Crouch.(If they are close to you, then dont.)
  2. Dont move.
  3. Aim for the brainbox.
  4. Wait few seconds and ensure youll hit him.
  5. Take a shot.
(This works perfectly with Sig Sauer, Shotgun, AK74u and other weapons.) Example:

(Its better watch in full screen).

Keep your distance between yourself and player zombies! Of course its better to kill all player zombies on sights, but sometimes, its better to leave until he'll get a little closer to you. Medium\low range is what you should worry. If the player zombie is far away from you, dont bother yourself.

Listen for their sound! Player zombies do some sounds while they are alive. Of course you can be confused with AI zombies, but if youll listen careful, youll reveal one of them.

Aim for the brainbox! Not for the head! Many people keep thinking that shots in head will be lethal for player zombies, but its not. Aim for their brain. Shooting at ear\month will not kill player\AI zombie.

Dont run away from player zombies! Dont even think about that. They'll catch you when you ran out of stamina. The only exception of this rule is might be a door that can save you.
(Update: You can try to run away from them as long as you keep your stamina in check.)

Always close the doors behind! Player zombies dont like these. It will take some time before theyll destroy the door. Many closed doors, means more free time from them.

Check everything what you can first! Without bullets, youll die quickly. Youll need at least one bullet to get rid of player controlled zombies.

AI zombies may fool your sense of security! Player controlled zombies can blend perfectly into AI zombie. Kill AI zombies if you dont want get any surprises.

Shoot through doors\few walls if you feel theres a zombie behind them. Make sure you wont waste bullets much. Shoot twice through the door if you saw player zombie. Maybe youll get him, maybe not.

And last one: Check your ping!
Scoreboard never tells you your correct ping. Use net_graph 1 and keep checking the ping. If you got a big one, then you might be in trouble, if you got less than 100, you should be fine.

FINE FINE, I got it. What now?

Well, hopefully youll remember these rules, lets get in practice.

Encountering common tactics.

1: Player zombie running towards you.
You shouldnt have any problems with killing these kind of player zombies. 

2: Player zombie running towards you and zig-zagging on their way.
This one is still easy. You need to aim for their possible position where these player zombies are headed. Usually, they are zig-zagging around your sight. Aim with iron sights at possible position, wait when their brainbox will turn into sight, take a shot.
(Better watch in full screen).

3: Beating you up from behind instead of using grapple attack.

You must be lucky that player zombies arent using grapple attack. Quickly turn around(stand up if you have to), move backwards and spray into brainbox. Sometimes, it doesnt work and youll die, so its still better to use iron sights.
...wait...grapple attack?
Yup. That grapple attack is dangerous enough for Survivors. Why? Ill tell you.
That kind of attack can instantly infect you(depends on difficulty), it will slow you down while being grappled, and that attack is pretty much quiet and its hard to hear it unless you are asking for help via voice commands\voice chat. To make it worse: If the player zombie uses AI horde, they will come close to you and start beating you up and you may die because of being slowed down. That grapple attack only works from behind.

4: Jumping and\or crouching when near by.

That one isnt much easy, but you still can survive if you got a weapon. When they are jumping, it drains more than half of stamina. The only one thing I can recommend for now, is keep your distance, but if it happens when they close, either spray and aim for their brainbox or try to get away from them and use doors to save yourself.

5: Exposing themselfs while running\walking around.

Take a look on horde. You see anyone who moves differently? It might be a player zombie. If the AI zombie isnt that much close to you, its better to get rid of player zombie first and only then focus on AI. Its better to be safe than sorry.

It is hard to fight for the first time, but I do hope this message will explain how to encounter most of common tactics. If you died, dont blame yourself\player zombies. Death is just another way to start. Take your time, remember these rules, practice. 
Once upon time, people will even start ragin at you and asking to leave\end round or whatever. No need to. Practice yourself against them and make yourself last man standing.
You know what? Fuck this. I am not going to fight them off.(Or I am just not ready to accept that yet.) Is there any other ways to deal with them?

Yup. Host your own server with disabled player zombies or look for servers with this option.


The whole point of this message is to tell you how to encounter player zombies and their common tactics. I do hope it will help you somehow and youll survive against them. The only one thing that you really should be afraid of is having 6-7 player zombies on your tail.
I would like also to point out that complaining about player controlled zombies isnt going work, in my opinion. These player controlled zombies was nerfed many times, yet you are still asking for more nerf. When Contagion was in Early Beta, player zombies could kill you in 3 hits, grapple attack you from any direction, jump around and even more.

Thank you and have fun.

(During night time, there might be some grammatical errors or whatever. I am sorry, but I am really sleepy at this moment, so I dont care.)

Aug 2, 2014

Contagion: New update brings 3 maps, new melee weapon system and more.

Right. I should have bring these news earlier, but due some problems and stuff it was delayed a little.

Heres the changelog.
  • - Added new map Biotec (Escape & Hunted Game-Modes)
  • - Added new map by popularity from Workshop Stone Creek (Escape Game-Mode)
  • - Added gasmask objective item that prevents harmful chemicals from affecting player
  • - Added gasmask voice muffling for survivors
  • - Added Keycard objective item for unlocking security doors
  • - Added keycard entity system for mappers
  • - Updated Melee System (WIP for balance)
  • - Added Zombie Decapitation with bladed weapons (Kabar not included)
  • - Kill Cam with the above mentioned bladed weapons also decapitate zombies when using stealth kill
  • - Fixed weapon holstering issues
  • - Improved navigation mesh for all existing maps
  • - Changes to networking system in an attempt to fix LAN related issues
  • - Fixed exploits, issues, and bugs on all maps from bug reports by the community (Thank you!)
Also, Friday Frenzy is back and got streamed on

You can view the broadcast by clicking this link.

Thanks and have fun.

Jul 21, 2014

Contagion: Server list is fixed.

This is just a quick heads up message.

The server list is now fixed.

Steam finally fixed their issue with servers and all servers should appear in server list. See y'all in game.

Thanks and have fun.


Jul 20, 2014

Contagion: "WHERES OUR UPDATE?" and server list issue.

Just a quick answer about update.

So, last time I am receiving a lot messages on Steam with same question over and over again.


No. I dont know anything about update, alright? I am not a developer and I cant tell you ETA about update.
From what I can say: 

  • CE_Biotec is doing alright. Just need more time to make sure everything is cool and done like planned.(A simple information for everyone. Thats it.)
  • Melee weapon system is awesome.(Ill leave it just like that. Trust me, you'll love it.)
  • Bug fixes and more.(Theres a lot bug reports on bug-forums.)
  • One community map is added to Official map list.(No, sorry, not going to tell which one map.)
I wish I could know when update will come in, but sadly, I dont know. Only programmer do know that. And I dont wanna bother him with questions about update. Seriously.

The point of message is: 

I dont know any ETA about update and such. I do know a basic information whats going to be added\tweaked\fixed or whatever in next patch and I hope the server list will be fixed.

Speaking about servers...

If I am not mistaken, one week ago, the Steam's server list went offline and some people might gonna think that Official Contagion's servers are offline. Hell no. They are online, they are just not listed because of Steam issue. I dont blame Steam, but this is just a heads up. Some Steam servers went offline causing some troubles to game servers for games such: Contagion, Killing Floor and such. I cant help with server list of Killing Floor, but heres the server list for Contagion. Use it, while VALVe is fixing issue with Steam servers



All I would like to ask is have some patience and wait a little longer. Trust me, the coming update for Contagion is perfect and maybe you'll love it.
Thanks and have fun.

Jun 21, 2014

Contagion: "Lack of content" and other bullshit that people crying for.

I've been checking Contagion's forum pretty much as well as reviews for Contagion.

Most of these "reviews" and some threads from Contagion's forum are crying for "lack of content" and shit like that. I mean, seriously? Stop crying and begging for God damn content, theres a Workshop for this reason. Still not enough content for you? Well, go ahead, learn how to create the map\model\texture\whatever you want and share it with people, theres a lot tutorials about how-to create these.

On serious note: Monochrome team at this moment are building few new maps and even shared some screenshots for you.



Union Station(Flatline)

Looks cool, huh? Its just perfect.

The Workshop future was created for people who are keep crying about lack of content and such. Use it to discover new maps\weapon replacements\UI replacements and such. 

Personally, I dont see any kind of lack of content at this moment. Theres like 4 versions of Barlowe Square, 2 versions of Aurora Estates, 2 versions of park as well as pioneer express and even 2 different versions of Roanoke PD. Is that lack of content? I dont think so. Play with 8 players so youll get your challenge.

The last updates and information...

The lastest update added SplitScreen option, however, this is Work In Progress option, which means the best experience you can get from by playing on local co-op. To enable SplitScreen option, head to the Options>SplitScreen and choose the best option for you. 

Steam summer sale.

The 2014 Steams summer sale could be better, but hey, its been like 2-3 days of sale, so Ill give another chance for hopes to see something better. Anyways....

Contagion is now 50% off, so it will cost 10$ for you. Be sure to grab your copy in our Steam store page.

Maybe I sounded kinda rude at start of this message, but I am just sick of these threads and "reviews". No need to get offended by that. Anyways, Ill write something here later(hopefully), have fun and take care.

May 19, 2014

Contagion: Workshop future, increased player slots and more.

Was kinda busy with some stuff, but finally I got chance to update the blog here.

Workshop future.

Now, players can share to community with their work on our Workshop page.

Theres already more than 20 items that worth of look. (Some items are really...ugly. No offensive.)

Contagion Panic mode.

Contagion Panic mode is a WIP(Work In Progress) gamemode. Looks same as ZP:S mode, but with some improvements. It is worth to check out. Game starts like normal but someone is infected and nobody knows who. The person who is infected will turn in common zombie, but whenever he died...he'll come back as RIOT zombie. Can survivors survive 20 minutes or kill all zombies in hopes to survive in this gamemode? Up to you.

If you got and ideas and suggestions and also your own opinion about this gamemode, please, head to this thread and post what you thinking.

Increased player slots.

People was asking(crying, to be honest) much about player slots. They was keep asking for increasing player slots at least to 24(While the whole game was built around 8 players). So finally, they got what they was asking for. 16 player slots, however. This works only on Hunted and Contagion Panic gamemodes. It would be absurd to allow 16 players run around on Escape\Extraction maps. Seriously.

New melee weapon.

An new Kickstarter melee weapon. Golf Club.

The golf club can be used by anyone, but will only spawn whenever Kickstarter backer is online on the server.

Razer Competition stuff.

I should have warn people earlier, that Razers competition is over and developers are checking out all videos. Will take some time before announcing who is the winner.

So...whats next?

If you really want to know what developers are doing at this moment, you can check this thread.

Thanks, have a good day.

Apr 12, 2014

Contagion: Released.

I am so happy that Contaigon got fully released. Really. Love developer's work so much.

Those who had Contagion as Early Access, will still be able to play in full release. Enjoy the game and have fun!

Heres the lastest changelog.

- Barlowe Square Escape Map.
- Added Difficulty options to Contagion.
- New menu background videos.
- New menu background video play-list and loading code.
- New entire UI redesign.
- New loading icon and loading screen.
- New splash screen.
- Added achievements.
- Added achievements viewer page under Extras.
- Created new map and gamemode selecting element.
- New start game menu.
- New find-game menu with matchmaking styled background server finding.
- Completed 100% controller support for all menu's.
- Controller settings options menu.
- New keyboard bind menu.
- Added new main-menu track and optional menu track to play on load.
- New loading and credits music tracks.
- Fixed ironsight toggle bugs and new system allows ironsight and duck toggle options instead of seporate key binds.
- Added SteamCloud support game configuration file.
- New map pictures for start and find game.
- Added difficulty option elements to find and start game.
- Fixed character selection being dark or completely black.
- Fixed zombies standing up in vents to attack.
- Fixed zombie AI issues when tracking sounds causing expensive AI calculations.
- Added Extreme difficulty and difficulty based console commands for each difficulty.
- Fixed doors opening then instantly closing on high-ping servers.
- Added difficulty tag to servers.
- Added voice commands and character voices.
- Added auto voice commands.
- Fixed sounds not starting properly on RPD.
- Fixed infection effects appearing on new round.
- Fixed muffled sounds caused by ingame pause menu.
- Fixed muffled sounds when in low health.
- Fixed old GPS position being shown to survivors on a new round in Extraction.
- Fixed fires setting AI survivors on fire.
- Fixed zombie players from dying instantly when on fire.
- Fixed breakable glass sounds and amount of damage glass does to players.
- Optimised flashlight code for far away players.
- Fixed drop weapon and drop ammo to not 'poop' the ammo out.
- Also fixed ammo bunching up and floating when dropped in large amounts.
- Fixed commenting on finding a weapon or ammo straight after or before picking up an item.
- Added survivor voice commands and sounds. E.g. jump, pain, die or melee attack.
- Added infection on zombie damage chance for specific difficulties.
- Added proper gamemode logic and settings for different difficulties.
- New weapon 'BLR' added to game along with new sniper and BLR ammo.
- Added holstering weapons when climbing a ladder.
- Fixed zombies climbing as often when not needed.
- Made zombie, item, weapon and ammo spawns in maps adjusted by difficulty.
- New weapon 'IED'.
- IED icon changing added.
- New zombie type 'Riot Police'. Super tough zombies that can't be headshotted.
- Added arrow ammo pack that contains 6 arrows instead of individual arrows.
- Added ability to enable/disable infection and/or zombie players in your own servers.
- New zombie type 'Inmates'. More common in RPD, less common in Aurora.
- Implemented and finalized all achievements.
- Lots of new sounds and ambient sounds and environments ingame.
- Barlowe square cinema screen movie materials.
- Fixed zombies getting stuck trying to break through glass on ledges.
- Fixed engine limits related to decal buffer overflowing.
- Added additional awards and stats to the End Of Round screen.
- Proper escape events for escape gamemode.
- Adjusted ragdoll gravity for less floaty zombie ragdolls.
- Removed ingame beta logo.
- Adjusted zombie's damage taken when on fire.
- Fixed zombies losing players due to over-kill of sound events.
- Added ingame quick controls menu for easy checking key-binds.

Contagion Steam store page.

This is it. Have fun in Contagion, Ill see you in game. 

Apr 6, 2014

Contagion: Razer - Let's play competition.

Thats right!

A Let's play competition from Monochrome & Entire Contagion team.

Contagion - Let's Play Competition Instructional Video

Quote: "We've received support from Kickstarter, "Early Access", Youtubers, and the community as a whole so we're quite excited to give back while further spreading news of our Full Release of Contagion on Friday, April 11th with a Youtube & Razer inspired competition. It's quite simple. -


  • You must have a Contagion copy
  • You must be a member of official Contagion Steam group.
  • You need own Youtube account in order to join our competition.
  • Record a video by using any recording software(Fraps for example.). The video must stay at least for 5 minutes but no more then 15 minutes.
  • Upload a video to Youtube.
  • Create a new discussion in the following format: "<Name\Nickname> Contagion - Let's play Competition." and post in there 3 seperate Youtube videos.
  • Content can be anything like: Solo playthrough, just a gameplay, a proper "Let's play" video, Tactical gameplay with your serious teammates, Humorous messing about, a guide that will help a fellow new players, a break down of the game, review(with\without score), or just let your imagination run wild.
  • You are not allowed to post any kind of videos such as: Trolling, insults, bold face lying, racism, hateful, or just a simple poorly taste video.
  • The competition will start simultaneously with full release of Contagion, on Friday 11th April, around 12PM Noon PST(GMT - 7:00) and will end one month late at Friday, May 9, 12 PM Noon PST(GMT -  7:00). All entries provided before\after this date will be excluded.
  • We are sincere when we say ANYONE can win. We will be judging all entries on how much we enjoyed the video and/or the thought put into it. Total subscribers, views, thumbs up, etc will play no role in the decision.
The prizes is...

4th through 10th Place - Will win The Razer MasterPeripheral Bundle Pack

This is it!

I wish y'all best of luck in competition!
Please keep in mind, this competition isnt supported by Razer company.

Mar 31, 2014

Contagion: Achievements!

Hell yeah! Achievements for Contagion. Isnt that awesome? It is, I guess.

You can view these achievements by clickin this link.

Please note: These achievements are still Work In Progress. They arent final and some achievements can be added\edited\removed.

Heres our links.

Contagion's Facebook page.
Friday Frenzy series on youtube channel.
Monochrome LLC website.

Thanks, and have fun.


Mar 30, 2014

Contagion. Almost released.

A little more then one week has been left until Contagion will be fully released. This means, we will leave Early Access mark alone and will opt out ourselfs from Beta.

People probably wonderin like:
"Do I have to pay again to play Contagion once it will be released?"
Nah. All beta keys are full keys, You will be able to play the game without paying a single cent if you used Beta key in Steam. Cool, is it? Yep.

Q: So what we gonna see in full release?
A: Many things. Not going to spoil right now.

From what I can say, Developers of Contagion is a little nervious due release and they doing all their best to finish all started stuff. Just need to wait a little longer and thats it.

So yeah, lets just stay calm and wait for release, its not a big deal and its easy, trust me.

Heres our links:

Contagion's Facebook page.
Friday Frenzy series on youtube channel.
Monochrome LLC website.

Thats it, thanks for your time, later.


Mar 18, 2014

Contagion: Barlowe Square Extraction mode is released.

New update for Contagion!

This update will bring you a new map with new gamemode on it:
CX_BarloweSquare. (Extraction gamemode.) (Keep in mind: This map is still very WIP.)

The largest map on Source now got Extraction mode on it and ready to be played now.

Melee weapons can now break the glass, HUD fixes, new UI when the round ends and more!

Be sure to update and check it out.

Facebook competition is over!

The results will be posted at 20 March. Stay tuned.

Thats it for now, heres the liinks and have fun.

Contagion on Steam via Early Access!
Our facebook page

Mar 8, 2014

Contagion giveaway! [ENDED, No longer active.]

Thats right, comrades. Its time for giveaway of Contagion!

Interesting, huh? Yeah, it is, especially for those who still dont have Contagion game.

Anyways, you are probably wonderin: How to get this game

All you have to do is just....

1: Visit our Facebook page  and just press "Like" button.

2: In the related Facebook comments section, please copy and paste the following words: "Contagion is indie Co-op Zombie Survival Horror FPS and spiritual to the popular HL2 Mod Zombie Panic: Source."

3: Once you are done with these steps, click "Share" button on the related Facebook post with your friends\family\other people\whoever you know and etc.

All those who complete the above mentioned steps will have their name entered into the competition!

The competition will end on Sunday, March 16th at 10AM PST (GMT – 8:00). Best of luck to all of you and we want to thank all those that participate!

Q: Whats the point?
A: The point of this page is to share new media, announcements, and more as soon as possible and on the fly. We need your help to share this new page so no one is left out of the loop and so we will be rewarding 3 of our followers each picked at random using a program to keep things fair.

Q: So, ugh, I have done all steps and I won the prize. What I will get?
A: 1st picked name will recieve 3 copies of Contagion to use. You can trade em\gift your friends or do whatever you like to with.
2nd picked name will recieve 2 copies of Contagion.
3rd picked name will recieve just 1 copy of Contagion.

Q: Anything I should to know?
A: These steps must be done ONLY on Facebook page. Dont post comments here.

Mar 4, 2014

Just a quick message about Contagion stuff.

Contagion got Facebook page now! Almost all new and fresh media, latest news will be posted there. Be sure to like and share our Contagion page.

The release date is set to 11. April 2014. Be sure to grab Contagion key before the price will raise ;).

Lastest version brings you an Crossbow weapon and new Hunted map: Pioneer Express.
Be sure also to check out RPD with new vent system for zombies in order to make them easier navigate through the map.

Feb 4, 2014

Doing some stuff.

Yeah, I am not really active because of some things that happening with me. Life issues, doing some job and still messing around with models\sounds\sprites and other stuff.

Life issues.

I am having some issues with my life like having everything hurt. Its not really a big deal and I am not even asking for the help. Licking my own wounds seems works for me.

Doing some job.

Well yeah. At this moment, I am a official Contagion player tester. Working around with Monochrome LLC.

You can buy the game on Steam by clicking this link. Hopefully Ill see you in game.

Messing around with models\sounds\sprites.

As God damn usual. I am not leaving this funny thingy behind and I do mess around with models and other stuff. Not even planned to move into Source engine. My perferences are still set on GoldSource.

So yeah, I am still alive(and I am happy about that.), doing some stuff and thats all.

Talk with you soon, later.