Feb 4, 2014

Doing some stuff.

Yeah, I am not really active because of some things that happening with me. Life issues, doing some job and still messing around with models\sounds\sprites and other stuff.

Life issues.

I am having some issues with my life like having everything hurt. Its not really a big deal and I am not even asking for the help. Licking my own wounds seems works for me.

Doing some job.

Well yeah. At this moment, I am a official Contagion player tester. Working around with Monochrome LLC.

You can buy the game on Steam by clicking this link. Hopefully Ill see you in game.

Messing around with models\sounds\sprites.

As God damn usual. I am not leaving this funny thingy behind and I do mess around with models and other stuff. Not even planned to move into Source engine. My perferences are still set on GoldSource.

So yeah, I am still alive(and I am happy about that.), doing some stuff and thats all.

Talk with you soon, later.

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