Mar 31, 2014

Contagion: Achievements!

Hell yeah! Achievements for Contagion. Isnt that awesome? It is, I guess.

You can view these achievements by clickin this link.

Please note: These achievements are still Work In Progress. They arent final and some achievements can be added\edited\removed.

Heres our links.

Contagion's Facebook page.
Friday Frenzy series on youtube channel.
Monochrome LLC website.

Thanks, and have fun.


Mar 30, 2014

Contagion. Almost released.

A little more then one week has been left until Contagion will be fully released. This means, we will leave Early Access mark alone and will opt out ourselfs from Beta.

People probably wonderin like:
"Do I have to pay again to play Contagion once it will be released?"
Nah. All beta keys are full keys, You will be able to play the game without paying a single cent if you used Beta key in Steam. Cool, is it? Yep.

Q: So what we gonna see in full release?
A: Many things. Not going to spoil right now.

From what I can say, Developers of Contagion is a little nervious due release and they doing all their best to finish all started stuff. Just need to wait a little longer and thats it.

So yeah, lets just stay calm and wait for release, its not a big deal and its easy, trust me.

Heres our links:

Contagion's Facebook page.
Friday Frenzy series on youtube channel.
Monochrome LLC website.

Thats it, thanks for your time, later.


Mar 18, 2014

Contagion: Barlowe Square Extraction mode is released.

New update for Contagion!

This update will bring you a new map with new gamemode on it:
CX_BarloweSquare. (Extraction gamemode.) (Keep in mind: This map is still very WIP.)

The largest map on Source now got Extraction mode on it and ready to be played now.

Melee weapons can now break the glass, HUD fixes, new UI when the round ends and more!

Be sure to update and check it out.

Facebook competition is over!

The results will be posted at 20 March. Stay tuned.

Thats it for now, heres the liinks and have fun.

Contagion on Steam via Early Access!
Our facebook page

Mar 8, 2014

Contagion giveaway! [ENDED, No longer active.]

Thats right, comrades. Its time for giveaway of Contagion!

Interesting, huh? Yeah, it is, especially for those who still dont have Contagion game.

Anyways, you are probably wonderin: How to get this game

All you have to do is just....

1: Visit our Facebook page  and just press "Like" button.

2: In the related Facebook comments section, please copy and paste the following words: "Contagion is indie Co-op Zombie Survival Horror FPS and spiritual to the popular HL2 Mod Zombie Panic: Source."

3: Once you are done with these steps, click "Share" button on the related Facebook post with your friends\family\other people\whoever you know and etc.

All those who complete the above mentioned steps will have their name entered into the competition!

The competition will end on Sunday, March 16th at 10AM PST (GMT – 8:00). Best of luck to all of you and we want to thank all those that participate!

Q: Whats the point?
A: The point of this page is to share new media, announcements, and more as soon as possible and on the fly. We need your help to share this new page so no one is left out of the loop and so we will be rewarding 3 of our followers each picked at random using a program to keep things fair.

Q: So, ugh, I have done all steps and I won the prize. What I will get?
A: 1st picked name will recieve 3 copies of Contagion to use. You can trade em\gift your friends or do whatever you like to with.
2nd picked name will recieve 2 copies of Contagion.
3rd picked name will recieve just 1 copy of Contagion.

Q: Anything I should to know?
A: These steps must be done ONLY on Facebook page. Dont post comments here.

Mar 4, 2014

Just a quick message about Contagion stuff.

Contagion got Facebook page now! Almost all new and fresh media, latest news will be posted there. Be sure to like and share our Contagion page.

The release date is set to 11. April 2014. Be sure to grab Contagion key before the price will raise ;).

Lastest version brings you an Crossbow weapon and new Hunted map: Pioneer Express.
Be sure also to check out RPD with new vent system for zombies in order to make them easier navigate through the map.