Mar 30, 2014

Contagion. Almost released.

A little more then one week has been left until Contagion will be fully released. This means, we will leave Early Access mark alone and will opt out ourselfs from Beta.

People probably wonderin like:
"Do I have to pay again to play Contagion once it will be released?"
Nah. All beta keys are full keys, You will be able to play the game without paying a single cent if you used Beta key in Steam. Cool, is it? Yep.

Q: So what we gonna see in full release?
A: Many things. Not going to spoil right now.

From what I can say, Developers of Contagion is a little nervious due release and they doing all their best to finish all started stuff. Just need to wait a little longer and thats it.

So yeah, lets just stay calm and wait for release, its not a big deal and its easy, trust me.

Heres our links:

Contagion's Facebook page.
Friday Frenzy series on youtube channel.
Monochrome LLC website.

Thats it, thanks for your time, later.


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