Apr 6, 2014

Contagion: Razer - Let's play competition.

Thats right!

A Let's play competition from Monochrome & Entire Contagion team.

Contagion - Let's Play Competition Instructional Video

Quote: "We've received support from Kickstarter, "Early Access", Youtubers, and the community as a whole so we're quite excited to give back while further spreading news of our Full Release of Contagion on Friday, April 11th with a Youtube & Razer inspired competition. It's quite simple. -


  • You must have a Contagion copy
  • You must be a member of official Contagion Steam group.
  • You need own Youtube account in order to join our competition.
  • Record a video by using any recording software(Fraps for example.). The video must stay at least for 5 minutes but no more then 15 minutes.
  • Upload a video to Youtube.
  • Create a new discussion in the following format: "<Name\Nickname> Contagion - Let's play Competition." and post in there 3 seperate Youtube videos.
  • Content can be anything like: Solo playthrough, just a gameplay, a proper "Let's play" video, Tactical gameplay with your serious teammates, Humorous messing about, a guide that will help a fellow new players, a break down of the game, review(with\without score), or just let your imagination run wild.
  • You are not allowed to post any kind of videos such as: Trolling, insults, bold face lying, racism, hateful, or just a simple poorly taste video.
  • The competition will start simultaneously with full release of Contagion, on Friday 11th April, around 12PM Noon PST(GMT - 7:00) and will end one month late at Friday, May 9, 12 PM Noon PST(GMT -  7:00). All entries provided before\after this date will be excluded.
  • We are sincere when we say ANYONE can win. We will be judging all entries on how much we enjoyed the video and/or the thought put into it. Total subscribers, views, thumbs up, etc will play no role in the decision.
The prizes is...

4th through 10th Place - Will win The Razer MasterPeripheral Bundle Pack

This is it!

I wish y'all best of luck in competition!
Please keep in mind, this competition isnt supported by Razer company.

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