Apr 12, 2014

Contagion: Released.

I am so happy that Contaigon got fully released. Really. Love developer's work so much.

Those who had Contagion as Early Access, will still be able to play in full release. Enjoy the game and have fun!

Heres the lastest changelog.

- Barlowe Square Escape Map.
- Added Difficulty options to Contagion.
- New menu background videos.
- New menu background video play-list and loading code.
- New entire UI redesign.
- New loading icon and loading screen.
- New splash screen.
- Added achievements.
- Added achievements viewer page under Extras.
- Created new map and gamemode selecting element.
- New start game menu.
- New find-game menu with matchmaking styled background server finding.
- Completed 100% controller support for all menu's.
- Controller settings options menu.
- New keyboard bind menu.
- Added new main-menu track and optional menu track to play on load.
- New loading and credits music tracks.
- Fixed ironsight toggle bugs and new system allows ironsight and duck toggle options instead of seporate key binds.
- Added SteamCloud support game configuration file.
- New map pictures for start and find game.
- Added difficulty option elements to find and start game.
- Fixed character selection being dark or completely black.
- Fixed zombies standing up in vents to attack.
- Fixed zombie AI issues when tracking sounds causing expensive AI calculations.
- Added Extreme difficulty and difficulty based console commands for each difficulty.
- Fixed doors opening then instantly closing on high-ping servers.
- Added difficulty tag to servers.
- Added voice commands and character voices.
- Added auto voice commands.
- Fixed sounds not starting properly on RPD.
- Fixed infection effects appearing on new round.
- Fixed muffled sounds caused by ingame pause menu.
- Fixed muffled sounds when in low health.
- Fixed old GPS position being shown to survivors on a new round in Extraction.
- Fixed fires setting AI survivors on fire.
- Fixed zombie players from dying instantly when on fire.
- Fixed breakable glass sounds and amount of damage glass does to players.
- Optimised flashlight code for far away players.
- Fixed drop weapon and drop ammo to not 'poop' the ammo out.
- Also fixed ammo bunching up and floating when dropped in large amounts.
- Fixed commenting on finding a weapon or ammo straight after or before picking up an item.
- Added survivor voice commands and sounds. E.g. jump, pain, die or melee attack.
- Added infection on zombie damage chance for specific difficulties.
- Added proper gamemode logic and settings for different difficulties.
- New weapon 'BLR' added to game along with new sniper and BLR ammo.
- Added holstering weapons when climbing a ladder.
- Fixed zombies climbing as often when not needed.
- Made zombie, item, weapon and ammo spawns in maps adjusted by difficulty.
- New weapon 'IED'.
- IED icon changing added.
- New zombie type 'Riot Police'. Super tough zombies that can't be headshotted.
- Added arrow ammo pack that contains 6 arrows instead of individual arrows.
- Added ability to enable/disable infection and/or zombie players in your own servers.
- New zombie type 'Inmates'. More common in RPD, less common in Aurora.
- Implemented and finalized all achievements.
- Lots of new sounds and ambient sounds and environments ingame.
- Barlowe square cinema screen movie materials.
- Fixed zombies getting stuck trying to break through glass on ledges.
- Fixed engine limits related to decal buffer overflowing.
- Added additional awards and stats to the End Of Round screen.
- Proper escape events for escape gamemode.
- Adjusted ragdoll gravity for less floaty zombie ragdolls.
- Removed ingame beta logo.
- Adjusted zombie's damage taken when on fire.
- Fixed zombies losing players due to over-kill of sound events.
- Added ingame quick controls menu for easy checking key-binds.

Contagion Steam store page.

This is it. Have fun in Contagion, Ill see you in game. 

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