Jun 21, 2014

Contagion: "Lack of content" and other bullshit that people crying for.

I've been checking Contagion's forum pretty much as well as reviews for Contagion.

Most of these "reviews" and some threads from Contagion's forum are crying for "lack of content" and shit like that. I mean, seriously? Stop crying and begging for God damn content, theres a Workshop for this reason. Still not enough content for you? Well, go ahead, learn how to create the map\model\texture\whatever you want and share it with people, theres a lot tutorials about how-to create these.

On serious note: Monochrome team at this moment are building few new maps and even shared some screenshots for you.



Union Station(Flatline)

Looks cool, huh? Its just perfect.

The Workshop future was created for people who are keep crying about lack of content and such. Use it to discover new maps\weapon replacements\UI replacements and such. 

Personally, I dont see any kind of lack of content at this moment. Theres like 4 versions of Barlowe Square, 2 versions of Aurora Estates, 2 versions of park as well as pioneer express and even 2 different versions of Roanoke PD. Is that lack of content? I dont think so. Play with 8 players so youll get your challenge.

The last updates and information...

The lastest update added SplitScreen option, however, this is Work In Progress option, which means the best experience you can get from by playing on local co-op. To enable SplitScreen option, head to the Options>SplitScreen and choose the best option for you. 

Steam summer sale.

The 2014 Steams summer sale could be better, but hey, its been like 2-3 days of sale, so Ill give another chance for hopes to see something better. Anyways....

Contagion is now 50% off, so it will cost 10$ for you. Be sure to grab your copy in our Steam store page.

Maybe I sounded kinda rude at start of this message, but I am just sick of these threads and "reviews". No need to get offended by that. Anyways, Ill write something here later(hopefully), have fun and take care.

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