Jul 21, 2014

Contagion: Server list is fixed.

This is just a quick heads up message.

The server list is now fixed.

Steam finally fixed their issue with servers and all servers should appear in server list. See y'all in game.

Thanks and have fun.


Jul 20, 2014

Contagion: "WHERES OUR UPDATE?" and server list issue.

Just a quick answer about update.

So, last time I am receiving a lot messages on Steam with same question over and over again.


No. I dont know anything about update, alright? I am not a developer and I cant tell you ETA about update.
From what I can say: 

  • CE_Biotec is doing alright. Just need more time to make sure everything is cool and done like planned.(A simple information for everyone. Thats it.)
  • Melee weapon system is awesome.(Ill leave it just like that. Trust me, you'll love it.)
  • Bug fixes and more.(Theres a lot bug reports on bug-forums.)
  • One community map is added to Official map list.(No, sorry, not going to tell which one map.)
I wish I could know when update will come in, but sadly, I dont know. Only programmer do know that. And I dont wanna bother him with questions about update. Seriously.

The point of message is: 

I dont know any ETA about update and such. I do know a basic information whats going to be added\tweaked\fixed or whatever in next patch and I hope the server list will be fixed.

Speaking about servers...

If I am not mistaken, one week ago, the Steam's server list went offline and some people might gonna think that Official Contagion's servers are offline. Hell no. They are online, they are just not listed because of Steam issue. I dont blame Steam, but this is just a heads up. Some Steam servers went offline causing some troubles to game servers for games such: Contagion, Killing Floor and such. I cant help with server list of Killing Floor, but heres the server list for Contagion. Use it, while VALVe is fixing issue with Steam servers



All I would like to ask is have some patience and wait a little longer. Trust me, the coming update for Contagion is perfect and maybe you'll love it.
Thanks and have fun.