Aug 2, 2014

Contagion: New update brings 3 maps, new melee weapon system and more.

Right. I should have bring these news earlier, but due some problems and stuff it was delayed a little.

Heres the changelog.
  • - Added new map Biotec (Escape & Hunted Game-Modes)
  • - Added new map by popularity from Workshop Stone Creek (Escape Game-Mode)
  • - Added gasmask objective item that prevents harmful chemicals from affecting player
  • - Added gasmask voice muffling for survivors
  • - Added Keycard objective item for unlocking security doors
  • - Added keycard entity system for mappers
  • - Updated Melee System (WIP for balance)
  • - Added Zombie Decapitation with bladed weapons (Kabar not included)
  • - Kill Cam with the above mentioned bladed weapons also decapitate zombies when using stealth kill
  • - Fixed weapon holstering issues
  • - Improved navigation mesh for all existing maps
  • - Changes to networking system in an attempt to fix LAN related issues
  • - Fixed exploits, issues, and bugs on all maps from bug reports by the community (Thank you!)
Also, Friday Frenzy is back and got streamed on

You can view the broadcast by clicking this link.

Thanks and have fun.

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