Sep 5, 2014

Contagion: Player zombies and how to deal with them.

In this message, Ill try to explain how to deal with player controlled zombies.

You can also take your time to read my guide about playing as zombie.


It took me few minutes to find threads where people COMPLAINING about Player controlled zombies. I am not going to name and shame persons, Ill just put these threads and you'll see by yourself:

And theres more and more threads almost like that. Seriously, people, is that really hard to deal with these damn player controlled zombies?

But their hitboxes are broken! 
Fuck no, they arent. These hitboxes are accurate(tested all by myself) and lag compensation works fine.
They are just overpowered! 
Then train yourself and make YOURSELF overpowered against player controlled zombies. You got guns for defending.
Its just non-sense in Escape gamemode!
Sounds to me, you died much from them or just not ready yet.
And the list still being filled with all these complains. People asked WAY to much for removing player controlled zombies. But guess what? I doubt that player zombies will be removed from your game. As Tatsur0 said once upon time:
We cant make everyone happy.
So yeah...
Then tell me how to deal with them!
Fine fine.

Common tactics of player controlled zombies.

Before moving on how to deal with player controlled zombies, we got to take a look on few common tactics that most player controlled zombies do.
  1. Running towards you.
  2. Running towards you and zig-zagging on their way.
  3. Beating you up from behind instead of using grapple attack.
  4. Jumping and\or crouching when near by.
  5. Exposing themselfs by running\walk around.
Thats what I have seen so far in most rounds in Contagion.

 Rules what you should remember in first order!

Know your weapon! Each weapon got own accuracy\recoil\mag size and firepower.
To get best accuracy of weapon:
  1. Crouch.(If they are close to you, then dont.)
  2. Dont move.
  3. Aim for the brainbox.
  4. Wait few seconds and ensure youll hit him.
  5. Take a shot.
(This works perfectly with Sig Sauer, Shotgun, AK74u and other weapons.) Example:

(Its better watch in full screen).

Keep your distance between yourself and player zombies! Of course its better to kill all player zombies on sights, but sometimes, its better to leave until he'll get a little closer to you. Medium\low range is what you should worry. If the player zombie is far away from you, dont bother yourself.

Listen for their sound! Player zombies do some sounds while they are alive. Of course you can be confused with AI zombies, but if youll listen careful, youll reveal one of them.

Aim for the brainbox! Not for the head! Many people keep thinking that shots in head will be lethal for player zombies, but its not. Aim for their brain. Shooting at ear\month will not kill player\AI zombie.

Dont run away from player zombies! Dont even think about that. They'll catch you when you ran out of stamina. The only exception of this rule is might be a door that can save you.
(Update: You can try to run away from them as long as you keep your stamina in check.)

Always close the doors behind! Player zombies dont like these. It will take some time before theyll destroy the door. Many closed doors, means more free time from them.

Check everything what you can first! Without bullets, youll die quickly. Youll need at least one bullet to get rid of player controlled zombies.

AI zombies may fool your sense of security! Player controlled zombies can blend perfectly into AI zombie. Kill AI zombies if you dont want get any surprises.

Shoot through doors\few walls if you feel theres a zombie behind them. Make sure you wont waste bullets much. Shoot twice through the door if you saw player zombie. Maybe youll get him, maybe not.

And last one: Check your ping!
Scoreboard never tells you your correct ping. Use net_graph 1 and keep checking the ping. If you got a big one, then you might be in trouble, if you got less than 100, you should be fine.

FINE FINE, I got it. What now?

Well, hopefully youll remember these rules, lets get in practice.

Encountering common tactics.

1: Player zombie running towards you.
You shouldnt have any problems with killing these kind of player zombies. 

2: Player zombie running towards you and zig-zagging on their way.
This one is still easy. You need to aim for their possible position where these player zombies are headed. Usually, they are zig-zagging around your sight. Aim with iron sights at possible position, wait when their brainbox will turn into sight, take a shot.
(Better watch in full screen).

3: Beating you up from behind instead of using grapple attack.

You must be lucky that player zombies arent using grapple attack. Quickly turn around(stand up if you have to), move backwards and spray into brainbox. Sometimes, it doesnt work and youll die, so its still better to use iron sights.
...wait...grapple attack?
Yup. That grapple attack is dangerous enough for Survivors. Why? Ill tell you.
That kind of attack can instantly infect you(depends on difficulty), it will slow you down while being grappled, and that attack is pretty much quiet and its hard to hear it unless you are asking for help via voice commands\voice chat. To make it worse: If the player zombie uses AI horde, they will come close to you and start beating you up and you may die because of being slowed down. That grapple attack only works from behind.

4: Jumping and\or crouching when near by.

That one isnt much easy, but you still can survive if you got a weapon. When they are jumping, it drains more than half of stamina. The only one thing I can recommend for now, is keep your distance, but if it happens when they close, either spray and aim for their brainbox or try to get away from them and use doors to save yourself.

5: Exposing themselfs while running\walking around.

Take a look on horde. You see anyone who moves differently? It might be a player zombie. If the AI zombie isnt that much close to you, its better to get rid of player zombie first and only then focus on AI. Its better to be safe than sorry.

It is hard to fight for the first time, but I do hope this message will explain how to encounter most of common tactics. If you died, dont blame yourself\player zombies. Death is just another way to start. Take your time, remember these rules, practice. 
Once upon time, people will even start ragin at you and asking to leave\end round or whatever. No need to. Practice yourself against them and make yourself last man standing.
You know what? Fuck this. I am not going to fight them off.(Or I am just not ready to accept that yet.) Is there any other ways to deal with them?

Yup. Host your own server with disabled player zombies or look for servers with this option.


The whole point of this message is to tell you how to encounter player zombies and their common tactics. I do hope it will help you somehow and youll survive against them. The only one thing that you really should be afraid of is having 6-7 player zombies on your tail.
I would like also to point out that complaining about player controlled zombies isnt going work, in my opinion. These player controlled zombies was nerfed many times, yet you are still asking for more nerf. When Contagion was in Early Beta, player zombies could kill you in 3 hits, grapple attack you from any direction, jump around and even more.

Thank you and have fun.

(During night time, there might be some grammatical errors or whatever. I am sorry, but I am really sleepy at this moment, so I dont care.)

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