Oct 9, 2014

Contagion: CH_Lakeland screenshot and ZombieFest stuff.

This is just a quick message.

CH_Lakeland screenshot:

A: When the time comes.

Q: Another Hunted map?
A: Yes. This map will be used in ZombieFest event in Downtown.

Q: Can we get more media?
A: Not at this moment. New media might be shown in streams or videos or something at 11 Oct.

Q: Whats up with ZombieFest?
A: Ill just post a link and youll take a look by yourself. Here.

ZombieFest itself and our developers.

Some developers are off and moved in for ZombieFest. I believe the ZombieFest will be streamed somewhere, by someone, but I cant promise anything about that. CH_Lakeland might be also shown there. Keep your eyes open.

Q: But what about DLC?
A: The DLC is coming alone nice. Dont worry. If you have watched recent Friday Frenzy Stream, you could notice that M1 Grand was shown there and yes, this weapon will be added in future DLC.

Thanks and have fun.

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  1. The M1 Grand looks great! I think I have to watch the recent Friday Frenzy to see it in action! :D