Nov 9, 2014

Andreas Rönnberg: Train Tracks.

In my opinion, this album is worth of attention.

Once upon time, Andreas Rönnberg created some cool albums\soundtracks as well as great modifications for Half-Life 1 called as: Afraid of Monsters and Cry of Fear(Cry of Fear is a free standalone game on Steam, but I remember that game as mod). I was keep tracking his progress about his music, because I liked that kind of music so much. Simple, depressive music is just my personal preference. Andreas Rönnberg already created 3(if I am not mistaken) albums named as: 
  1. Cry of Fear - Soudntrack;
  2. Cry of Fear - Lost Tracks and Memories;
  3. Cry of  Fear - Manhunt.
After some time, I noticed he was working on forth album named as: Train Tracks. 
Heres the preview of his album:take a look here.

As he said: It will be released shortly and I personally waiting for that album. I believe that album will be awesome just like  his previous albums. We'll see, I guess.

Thanks and have fun.

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