Dec 13, 2014

Contagion: Cant wait for Escape maps?

Oh yeah, especially for those who were crying about "LACK OF CONTENT".


A friend of mine named CCL Sama was working(and he still working on it!) on map called: Highschool Of The Zed. He worked hard, really hard on it and from what I can say, I was impressed.

The map focuses on hardcore co-op. Overall time of completing map: 40-60 minutes, but if you are playing alone for first time, it will take much more.(Mine was 94:16 :/)
Besides of looking objective items like: keycards\keys\boltcutters, you will also have to look for food\toolboxes\gasoline\papers\cables and more. The amount of zombies are pretty much insane and playing on Extreme difficulty is like a simple death wish. Still, you can complete the map alone on Normal\Hard difficulty. I havent seen anyone beating the map on Extreme difficulty yet, but I am sure some people are trying to beat it at this moment.

"Sounds cool, can I play it?"

Sure you can, but keep in mind: The map is in beta stage at this moment. 
You need also carefully read the whole description of Workshop item if you dont want keep asking yourself some common questions.

"Any media? Screenshots or videos?"

Sure, they are all located in Workshop item page. Dont be lazy and take a look on it by yourself.

Thanks and have fun.