Jan 13, 2015

Contagion: Melee weapons and how to be great with them.

Melee weapons are powered enough to wipe out the whole horde of zombies. And dont you even disagree with me on that one.

Logic by most players:

-Oh cool, I just found fire axe, lets kill some zombies with it. 
*attacking zombie with low stamina and hits zombie into the chest* 
*gets punched in face and gets infected* 
-Wow, these melee weapons sucks and I just got infected. Fuck them.
*throwing melee weapon away*
-I should also write negative review and\or complain about melee weapons on forums.

--Typical logic of most players I've seen so far.

So let me get things straight.

Melee weapons are powered enough to wipe out zombie horde, may come in handy against Riot police zombies and also, if you will use melee weapons perfectly you wont need any firearms in future. (The only exception might be is a player controlled zombies.)

So...how do I use melee weapon?

Hold on a little. You dont even know what you should remember first before even touching melee weapons.
  1. On HUD, you can see green bar.
    The green bar tells how much stamina you have. The more stamina - the better for you.
  2. Brainbox is the only thing that will truly kill AI\player controlled zombie while using melee weapon.
  3. Need stamina? You can recharge your stamina by either walking or standing still. Standing still recommended as it will recharge your stamina really quick, while walking will recharge your stamina slowly but in exchange you'll move away from AI that getting close to you.(Riot zombie for example.)
  4. Difficulty. The higher difficulty - the more health AI got(especially riot zombie.) and the more accurate hits in brainbox will require.
  5. Fireaxe\machete can be used to cut legs off from AI. Not recommended to do that so, but can be used if you need slow their movement a little.
  6. Mind yourself about ping.

Alright, cool. I got it. What now?

Lets take a look on types of melee weapons.

Currently there is 3 melee weapon types such as:
Sharp weapons: Fire axe;


Kabar knife.

Blunt weapons:


Baseball bat.

Objective item weapons: Fire extinguisher.(No kidding here.)

All of these (except of fire extinguisher) can kill zombies in one hit kill.
On Hard\Extreme difficulty, kabar knife would be useless for you, as most likely you'll need 2 hits to kill AI.
As for fire extinguisher; For me, its something useful if I dont have any melee weapons around.
On Normal difficulty 3 successful hits on AI kills em, 4 on Hard\Extreme difficulty(As video below shows.).


There is few strategies of attacking AI\player controlled zombie.

1: Early Beta's strategy. It is pretty much simple and easiest one to do.
Ensure you got full stamina, wait when AI\player controlled zombie is about to get close to you, tap right mouse button and hit AI\player controlled zombie in brainbox. AI\player controlled zombie dies, fall back a little if there is other AI near by and repeat the strategy.
Video. (Yet again google is being gay to me and refuses to show any uploaded videos on my youtube account, which is why I am leaving link.)

2: Charging strategy.
While this strategy may only work on blunt weapons, it is still possible to achieve kills with sharp weapons by using this strategy.
Hold right\left mouse button, get close to AI\player controlled zombie and hit it in brainbox. Fall back a little and repeat.

3: Sneaking behind AI zombie and silently kill them.
You can silently insta-kill AI zombies with this strategy.
To achieve this, you need to sneak behind zombie, ensure you'll see the icon allowing you to do insta-kill, press "V"(by default) and watch the insta-kill cam. It also works when AI zombies are chasing your fellow Survivor but be careful: some AI will switch target and will start attacking you instead.

The use of extinguisher melee attack is simple: Hit AI and fall back a little, then hit it again and fall back. Repeat this process until he die. Careful though, AI may simply raise his hands and smack you once upon time. (The reason why you dont want attack player controlled zombie with fire extinguisher is pretty much obvious.)

Riot police zombie encounter with melee attacks.

Aw yeah...a lot people still cant realize how weak Riot police zombie can be and instead of using melee attacks and play with his reaction, players perfers to shoot him in legs\head(doesnt really matter where you are shooting at.) and waste all ammo and then let themselfs die horribly.
If you got melee weapon, then it will be easier for you, as it will kill Riot police zombie much quicker.
If you dont have melee weapon, dont get sad, you still can play with his reaction and maybe once upon time you'll whack his head and he'll die.

Strategy.(Doesnt matter if you have melee or you dont.)

Riot police zombie chasing your fellow Survivor? Get close to Riot police zombie, hit him with melee attack and run away a little and see if he is chasing you now instead of your teammate. 
If he still chasing your teammate, hit him again, run away and check out if he is following you. 
If he is following you, keep running away from Riot police zombie until your fellow Survivor will hit him in back and Riot zombie will switch target to your fellow Survivor and start chasing him.
And just like that repeat the process until Riot police zombie die. It takes pretty much a lot time especially on Extreme difficulty but in exchange, you wont waste any bullets on Riot police zombie and you'll laugh how weak Riot police zombie is.

Striking Riot police zombie when its just you and him.

Strategy is simple: Hit and run. Better to have melee weapon for this case otherwise you'll spend a lot time taking him down.
Hit Riot police zombie in his helmet and run away from him. Recharge stamina and do it again.
Keep the distance while attacking Riot police zombie.
Use tables to prepare your strike against Riot police zombie. When he is climbing up to you, hit him in helmet and run away.

Additional notes.

Practice is the practice.
Be extremely careful when using melee weapon on higher difficulties. Wrong moves can either result in getting hit and get infected or killing innocently your fellow Survivor.
While attacking Riot police zombie, mind yourself about his attacks. He can easily slap you in face when he is faced to another direction. (Current bug with all AI zombies at this moment.)
Remember about your ping. Ping always tells you useful information.
Possibly...melee weapons will be balanced.

Point of this message today.

Complaining on forums\writing negative review about melee weapons being useless to you and\or not killing AI\player controlled zombies in one hit is just pathetic.
Learn how to use melee weapons. Do some research with it and you'll realize how melee weapons are powered enough, especially when you are working with fellow Survivor who also carrying melee weapon.

-Thanks and have fun.

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  1. Great guide :) Something that I would like to add is that you can easily kill a none aggressive zombe / riot zombie (The really slow ones) by hitting him constantly within a safe distance.