Feb 2, 2015

1 year at Monochrome.

An simple "Yay" message.

Its been one year since I joined Monochrome team.

And Hell. I still remember those words from Dec;
Hay. Can't remember if I messaged you yet but I was curious if you'd be interested in joining the Contagion official playtesting team?
At that moment, I thought I am blind a little(drunk after celebrating New Year, yeah), but after re-viewing everything I realized the question was live on Skype and I am not blind yet(Thankfully).

I wasnt sure about time-zones and how they were working earlier, but after explanations from Dec, I was like:
Sure, I am glad to help you and your team as well. 
I was feeling much better than last 3 years after getting that message from Dec and when Brian (Tatsur0) was accepting the document as well as explaining completely everything to me.
I finally had a feeling I am somewhat useful here for now. (I still got that feeling in my injured body.)

I am glad to be part of Monochrome team. I do enjoy playtesting everything what I can in Contagion, helping people on forums, keeping in check the whole Contagion hub as well as speaking with developers about some cool stuff and knowing what future we got in our minds.

I personally would like to thank;
Dec for being a cool guy, inviting me in team, sorting\sending documents to me.
Brian for being great guy who sorted all paperwork, accepted me in team, explained everything and helped to understand some things when I was confused earlier.

Writing everything about me joining in Monochrome team isnt a great idea, as I dont want get into any details much.

DLC stuff.

Many of people already know information about:

  • Why our DLC got delayed. 
  • OST news.
  • Arrival of new programmer and more.
  • Futured list.
In case if some people missed this kind of information, please read this announcement.
I understand people cant really wait for DLC that longer, but please. Take a look at announcement, read it carefully. I also would like to ask people to keep an eye on forums. Who knows maybe there will be another discussion about DLC?

-Thanks and have fun.

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