Apr 17, 2015

Steam: Phishing bots, whining people, private profiles. (Updated)

Ah, we all remember that recent invasion of phising bots adding you sometimes and sending you suspicious links.

Phishing bots.

We all know their action. They adds you, they automatically sends you a message with phishing link, someone presses that link, downloads .scr file and loses all their "expensive" inventory.

It is simple one yet nobody was paying attention for that one earlier, until people started really crying on Steam forums and begging Steam to do something.
Guess what? 
Steam actually did some improvements on security, yet people still falls into that scam.
Their improvement was simple. Trade offers confirms by using email message with specific code in it. That .scr file was used to create simple trade offers, offering to phishing bot all other guy inventory in exchange for nothing. Now when that thing was added, these .scr files are not working much nowadays. Sadly enough, people started complaining even about that thing as well. Its like, VALVe trying to help people, yet they are recieving whines and crying everywhere.

Whining people.

Now this is an interesting part that I love most of times.
Everytime when I am checking out Steam forums(because I am bored), I can see at least 2 people complaining about phishing bots adding them. So I am checking their profile and guess what?
User who complains got:
  • Open profile and everyone can view it.
  • Open inventory and everyone can view it.
  • Everyone can comment on his profile.
  • Being member of trade or large amount of other members groups.
Suspecting the guy is another useless trader on Steam, I believe the guy is also being active on different trade forums or on some crappy "betting" websites.

Now I am asking question myself: Before complaining about one thing, have you worked on your side first? I suppose not.

There is a fun fact: None of these bots EVER added me on Steam. None at all.
Why? Because some little things can help you in some problems.

So here is what I want you to recommend:

  • Set your profile to "Private\Friends only". That way, you are locking random peoples access to your profile and they cant view anything. Only you or your friends(if you set your profile to "friends only") can view your stuff.
  • Set your inventory to private. Even Steam gifts should be hidden away.
  • Remove ability to comment on your profile. Set it to private and by doing this: Nobody will ever write you any kind of crap on your profile. Your friends can always contact with you by using private messages. Doesnt matter if you are online or offline. They can. In this case, what the point of having comments? There is none.
  • Leave Steam groups. Keep your group limit up to 10. Stay away from trade groups\large member groups.
  • Dont be part of member on trade forums or even worse, on some shitty "betting" websites.
  • Try not to add random people on your friends list, unless you know them or played with them in one game session.
  • If your friend have sent a link to you(doesnt really matter which one but, most of times you'll get link with some kind of image, video or something else.) Of course, you may get suspicious about these links but, there is one simple way to check out if the link is using true colors or not. How? Simple.Clicking on this link, you'll get access to the website that reveals other URLs. It shows URLs real destination and you by doing that, you can always view and decide what next action should be taken.
  • And last thing: Keep your antivirus software updated all time. They helps you a lot.
It is so damn simple, yet people really...crying about that. Simple things like above can solve a lot problems. And dont tell me it will cause the problem. It wont cause any problems.
It'll be better for you to do these steps before its too late. Some users have reported about specific datebase holding some users information about their inventory and these bots are simply spamming them with their requests just to try their luck.
Of course, not much people understand these steps and believes it wont help them. I bet those kind of people didnt even tried to complete these steps.

Private profiles.

Ah, I love when people complaining about private profiles and treats them as some kind of biological weapon that will kill them if they ever touch the weapon.
It reminds me terrible Payday 2 community that will always kick you from random lobbies just because you got profile set to private.(Dont want to derail much about it.) But guess what? That kind of...problem spreaded to whole Steam community now. Most of times, if you gonna add some guy, he will probably block you because of your profile settings. Its quite fun to watch at these retarded people but, thats their profile and they can take whatever actions they like.

There is one fact that cant be argued much: 
If the person got private profile, its up to him. You cant enforce the person set his profile to public. 
If he want to hide something, its up to him. Who knows, maybe the guy is being stalked by some suspicious people?

I dont really care if the person who is reading this message at this moment is just average user of Steam, useless trader on Steam or just new guy who arrived to Steam platform recently.

Its completely your choice what privacy settings you need. Nobody elses like I wrote above.
If you got blocked, dont get surprised. Confused and retarded people will always act like that, until Steam(in complaining mates view) will do something about it(while Steam already did their best).

*Update 4.20.2015*

Just discovered an new rule created by Steam:
All new created accounts can no longer send friend requests\open group chat\vote in Workshop\Greenlight pages and more. To remove this restriction, newly created accounts must pay 5$(Either keep them in Steam wallet or buy some games).

In my opinion, this is a good thing, although I can already see people complaining. I mean, sure, some people arent able to pay 5$ due the finance reasons\dont have credit car\wallets such as paypal\webmoney\else. I understand these guys but, you people complaind so damn much about "bots" adding you in friends list. You complained>Valve did some updates>now instead of saying "Thank you for trying to solve the problem.", you people are just complaining even more.


Its quite pathetic to see people whining and complaining about private profiles, as well as users adding you on Steam. Those kind of people believes that Steam did nothing for them. If you havent noticed yet, Steam actually did a lot improvements for your security. Of course people complains about these improvements as well but, trust me. These improvements helps you a lot.
Mind you that Steam is private company and they decide what kind of actions to take, not anyone elses.
If you got your head with proper brain installed in it, you'll be safe. 

I really hope those steps above will somewhat help you, thank you for reading the message and good luck in future.

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