Apr 10, 2015

Support Monochrome team at Indies Crash E3!

Support our team at Indies Crash E3 party.

You dont need to be a member of website, you dont need to pay or something. You just need an valid email. Just click on this link and press "Support" button. The party ends at April, 26, so please, be sure to vote.

DLC news.

While I see people are getting kinda tired of waiting for DLC, I can give some information about our status of DLC.
  • The characters are all ready. (We just need work on UI parts, so people will be able to select one character out of 12. An free upcoming DLC will bring 4 new characters.)
  • The weapons are ready for shooting. (I personally believe some animations needs more tweaks, but who cares?)
  • Maps are ready to be played. (There still some minor glitches though.)
  • Gamemode Flatline is being worked on. I know, people cant wait for that moment, but to avoid dissapointing people, we need adjust the stuff there.
  • Possibly but cant promise: An new Escape\Extraction\Hunted map that wasnt mentoined at all might be added in our DLC.
The release is planned in April and not anymore later. Please, stay tuned for news in our Official group, keep an eye on forums and announcements there.

-Thanks and have fun.


  1. You have my support! Still clicking for more points whenever I have the time. Can't wait for the release! It will be very soon :)