Jul 22, 2015

Contagion: DLC weapons and reason why they arent in game yet.

Somewhere in July, we have released DLC weapons. Everyone was happy until we found some serious issues with those .dlls. In this message, I'll try to explain the situation and reasons for rolling back update.

Wait, the hell you talkin about? DLC weapons? Are you sold out or something?

No. It appears to be, some players still havent heard anything about our free DLC bundle that contains:
-4 new characters: Mia, Curtis, Manuel, Yumi.
-4 new weapons: SCAR, M1 Garand, Compound Bow, Remington 870.
-3 new maps(originally planned 2): Harvest, UnionStation, CampWhitner.
-And some fixes for Contagion game itself.

Oh okay...so...whats the situation?

In July, we released those new weapons and it was ready for public use. However, after few hours, me and other playtester have found some serious issues going on after releasing those new weapons such as:
-Texture glitches on cretain props.
-Connection to VAC servers failure.(Reported by fellow mates of mine)
-Sound glitches on new weapons.
-Code related issues.
And on top of that: The upload on Steam network was faster than expected and because of that, the patch itself got corrupted.
After spotting these issues, our team rolled back update and all those weapons are locked for public use at this moment.

How long until we can get those weapons again?

Dont you even ask me that kind of question.
It all depends on our programmer at this moment, as well on VALVe. We have requested assistance and still waiting for their response.

You'll get the stuff once we'll fix the stuff.

You can always keep an eye on our progress and for status updates in this thread.

(Also this is just an quick heads up message.)

-Thanks and have fun.

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