Nov 5, 2015

Contagion: Things we are working on and other information.

Well, I have to update my blog anyway...

Recent events happened:

Fixed AI attacking height glitch.
We have released a new map called: Montclair. Escape\Hunted gamemode.
Fixed bunch of problems including shortcuts in Barlowe Square.
New props released.
Halloween event.
A Humble Bundle 4pack with great discount.

Currently working on\done already list:

We finally found out whats going on with Montclair map crashing servers\clients.
Removed all Halloween assets.
(Personally by me)Tweaked Harvest navigation file, so players will have less chance to sit around and camp like an idiots while AI zombies will be stuck and have no idea how to navigate to guy.
Recompiled all maps with updated stuff.
CH_Harvest map.
Probably more, as I cant remember everything...

I personally hope the hotfix patch will be released today or maybe tomorrow. Only main developers know when release stuff.

Other information:

Slowly learning navigation files and how do they work so I can give a helping hand to our level designers and fix those bloody navigation issues.
I am also playtesting Sven Co-op 5.0 version that will be available on Steam soon.

To do list:

Tutorial for porting Source content into GoldSrc. Most likely it will be simple props and weapon models.
I couldnt really find anything useful in Internet to be honest, so I had to figure everything out by myself. Fun stuff.
Trying to port Source player model into GoldSrc properly, so it wont have any issues much.
Also trying to port Source player models into Contagion game. Problem is only a bone setup that is bugging hell-out player model. Oh well.

I am sorry for keeping this really short and updating blog that late but, we are all busy in this worthless world.
Thanks for reading and good luck!

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