Dec 22, 2015

Contagion: Christmas update.

Probably the last update for this year. Oh well.


-Updated all maps with Christmas props\materials. Those do not have any collision to avoid possible issues with navigation;

-Sig Sauer accuracy improved;

-Tweaks to Mossberg and Remington shotguns. Mossberg is now great against hordes, yet Remington is great against single targets(Riot police zombies for example);

-Some balance tweaks for Flatline waves on all maps(because people are really having hard time and always dies horribly);

-Zombies got Christmas stuff on em(Santa's hats for example);

-Fixed some glitches on Campwhitner;

-Added visual dropdown menu for users who dont like Christmas update. You can find it in Multiplayer options;

-Phone viewmodel has been updated;

-Sig Sauer viewmodel has been updated.

I guess this is going to be our last update in 2015 year. Oh well.

We are still working on release by the way, so dont expect the update goes up that quickly.

Thanks for reading and good luck in future.

Dec 16, 2015

Contagion: Hotfix for Flatline\Escape gamemodes.

An hotfix patch has been released for Contagion.


-Attempts to fix problem with camera angle when roaches attaches to Survivor;

-Hint system for Flatline gamemode(WIP);

-Fixed bunch of bugs in CF_Campwhitner\CF_Montclair;

-Hopefully, fixed problem with culling system in Escape gamemode, causing no zombies to show up during whole map(except of escape sequences);

-Fixed bug with cleanup system removing pistol\medkit\pocket lights when first wave havent started yet;

-Removed not needed stuff from Hunted gamemode;

-Fixed invisible phone display glitch whenever respawning as Survivor between waves;

-Removed collision for cockroaches to prevent weirdness.

-Hopefully fixed issue with spectator's camera when cockroach attaches to Survivor.

Additional information:

If you found glitch or just want to discuss Flatline, feel free to post in new sub-forums a.k.a.

-Thanks and have fun.

Dec 12, 2015

Contagion: Flatline beta update is out!

As we promised. Flatline gamemode...

...but you should keep in mind this is a beta stage only.


A: Because we want see people's feedback on Flatline gamemode. We want to see what people like in Flatline and what people dont. Its simple really. People always can submit their feedback on our forums and share their thoughts there. (As long as people not breaking any forum rules and such.)
People can also help us to find some glitches(if we ever missed any which I believe we did missed some) and submit them in our forums again. Simple really. 
On top of that, we have encountered some issues that cant be resolved right away and it will take a good time for us to resolve it, which isnt great when we wish to release patch this year.
Yet I am afraid people will not understand that right.

Besides of Flatline, we got other cool stuff to share with you!

Full changelog:

-Added Flatline gamemode(BETA);

-Added 2 new maps: CF_Montclair and CF_Campwhitner;

-Added "Flatline BETA" gamemode icon whenever setting up\looking for server;

-Improved Remington 870. Sights looks much more cooler and realistic;

-COCKROACH VISION. Almost like in Sin City movie(Wish to tweak that color correction a little so it will show off colored blood and fire). To activate cockroach vision, press "flashlight" button(F button by default). Make sure post processing is set at least to medium, otherwise you wont see it;

-Cockroaches can now attach to players. To do that, stay near by player and press "use" button(E by default)(REALLY WIP);

-Bug fixes for CE_Montclair map.

-Changed 9MM bullet behavior. Multikills are still possible but those are rare. You cant penetrate through Riot Police zombie armor now. Shooting at door is now pointless, as the bullet wont go through(except if door is almost broken or got missing window on it).

-A lot changes in code just for Flatline gamemode.

Other information...

As we know, the workshop manager is fixed which is great, however it requires more fixes on this case. Our team already know about that and will resolve this as soon as assistant programmer will have time for it.

If your Steam client havent updated Contagion yet, you can either restart Steam client or do full game cache check.

-Thanks and have fun!