Dec 22, 2015

Contagion: Christmas update.

Probably the last update for this year. Oh well.


-Updated all maps with Christmas props\materials. Those do not have any collision to avoid possible issues with navigation;

-Sig Sauer accuracy improved;

-Tweaks to Mossberg and Remington shotguns. Mossberg is now great against hordes, yet Remington is great against single targets(Riot police zombies for example);

-Some balance tweaks for Flatline waves on all maps(because people are really having hard time and always dies horribly);

-Zombies got Christmas stuff on em(Santa's hats for example);

-Fixed some glitches on Campwhitner;

-Added visual dropdown menu for users who dont like Christmas update. You can find it in Multiplayer options;

-Phone viewmodel has been updated;

-Sig Sauer viewmodel has been updated.

I guess this is going to be our last update in 2015 year. Oh well.

We are still working on release by the way, so dont expect the update goes up that quickly.

Thanks for reading and good luck in future.

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