Dec 16, 2015

Contagion: Hotfix for Flatline\Escape gamemodes.

An hotfix patch has been released for Contagion.


-Attempts to fix problem with camera angle when roaches attaches to Survivor;

-Hint system for Flatline gamemode(WIP);

-Fixed bunch of bugs in CF_Campwhitner\CF_Montclair;

-Hopefully, fixed problem with culling system in Escape gamemode, causing no zombies to show up during whole map(except of escape sequences);

-Fixed bug with cleanup system removing pistol\medkit\pocket lights when first wave havent started yet;

-Removed not needed stuff from Hunted gamemode;

-Fixed invisible phone display glitch whenever respawning as Survivor between waves;

-Removed collision for cockroaches to prevent weirdness.

-Hopefully fixed issue with spectator's camera when cockroach attaches to Survivor.

Additional information:

If you found glitch or just want to discuss Flatline, feel free to post in new sub-forums a.k.a.

-Thanks and have fun.

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