Feb 17, 2016

Situation over Contagion and possible future.

Well, good times always ends up soon or later.

In this message I'll try to explain the situation over Contagion, a possible future of mine and Contagion.

Whats going on with Contagion?

Nothing much, to be honest. Everything gets fixed slowly. Way too slow but there is a lot reasons behind that.
Personally, I am sorta annoyed by the fact about some bugs being left unfixed and new ones shows up. Although, we do have mates to fix those but the problem itself: They dont have time for it. 
I have also attempted to resolve some issues by myself such as fixing navmesh for Harvest map and for Pioneer Express but I was told that I should wait for "advanced tutorial"(fun thing is: this sort of tutorial never came out) about navmesh and how I should work with them. Of course, I have minimal knowledge of mapping and with Source Engine itself but whatever.
Another thing might be the case is Project Ageless itself. Nothing really I can tell about it to be honest, so guessing that Project Ageless could be the case might be a wrong move.

Sadly enough, Joure was also dismissed from Monochrome. The one was working on maps as well, which means: Almost whole old team who worked on Contagion is now gone. It is sad, indeed and sorta damages morale but I dont think people will care about that much. For my case, it was sad of course, just like when Dec and Ulrich was moving on.

In short: Contagion doing somewhat fine but it has a lot stuff needed to be fixed. Personally, I would fix stuff first(whenever it possible) rather than working on new futures(for example:lobby system which I believe its pointless thing ever). I am not sure when new update will roll in but, judging by the activity, I believe it wont be out soon enough.

Future of mine and Contagion.

Although I am sorta annoyed by the fact about some bugs not being fixed, I am also having trouble with not being able to handle Contagion itself. Not sure whats causing the issue but I suppose its a laptop dying slowly which is understandable. Besides of that, I am having a lot issues with health that requires more attention than Contagion, I am also getting extremely annoyed by people on Contagion's forums and I personally somewhat tired of Contagion. 
I do love the game itself and I do love working on it but, I believe I will need some rest from it. I am not writing about being done with Contagion itself but I am exhausted and I am suffering from wounds a lot already.

And a little offtopic, I have changed background image in this blog. Although this one is being used on Steam as profile background, I personally would love to see exactly that new background on my blog as well.
Oh, and the thing that I mentioned earlier about Source to GoldSrc? Yeah, thats still in my mind but will slowly come in soon.

Thanks for reading and good luck in future.