Feb 17, 2016

Situation over Contagion and possible future.

Well, good times always ends up soon or later.

In this message I'll try to explain the situation over Contagion, a possible future of mine and Contagion.

Whats going on with Contagion?

Nothing much, to be honest. Everything gets fixed slowly. Way too slow but there is a lot reasons behind that.
Personally, I am sorta annoyed by the fact about some bugs being left unfixed and new ones shows up. Although, we do have mates to fix those but the problem itself: They dont have time for it. 
I have also attempted to resolve some issues by myself such as fixing navmesh for Harvest map and for Pioneer Express but I was told that I should wait for "advanced tutorial"(fun thing is: this sort of tutorial never came out) about navmesh and how I should work with them. Of course, I have minimal knowledge of mapping and with Source Engine itself but whatever.
Another thing might be the case is Project Ageless itself. Nothing really I can tell about it to be honest, so guessing that Project Ageless could be the case might be a wrong move.

Sadly enough, Joure was also dismissed from Monochrome. The one was working on maps as well, which means: Almost whole old team who worked on Contagion is now gone. It is sad, indeed and sorta damages morale but I dont think people will care about that much. For my case, it was sad of course, just like when Dec and Ulrich was moving on.

In short: Contagion doing somewhat fine but it has a lot stuff needed to be fixed. Personally, I would fix stuff first(whenever it possible) rather than working on new futures(for example:lobby system which I believe its pointless thing ever). I am not sure when new update will roll in but, judging by the activity, I believe it wont be out soon enough.

Future of mine and Contagion.

Although I am sorta annoyed by the fact about some bugs not being fixed, I am also having trouble with not being able to handle Contagion itself. Not sure whats causing the issue but I suppose its a laptop dying slowly which is understandable. Besides of that, I am having a lot issues with health that requires more attention than Contagion, I am also getting extremely annoyed by people on Contagion's forums and I personally somewhat tired of Contagion. 
I do love the game itself and I do love working on it but, I believe I will need some rest from it. I am not writing about being done with Contagion itself but I am exhausted and I am suffering from wounds a lot already.

And a little offtopic, I have changed background image in this blog. Although this one is being used on Steam as profile background, I personally would love to see exactly that new background on my blog as well.
Oh, and the thing that I mentioned earlier about Source to GoldSrc? Yeah, thats still in my mind but will slowly come in soon.

Thanks for reading and good luck in future.

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  1. Personally, I think I will never use the lobby system. The lobby system is designed for casual players who wants a quick game session together as fast as possible but once you know how to use the serverbrowser you will get the same result with more details.

    I also think that the move to project Ageless was a bad one. Even if Tats said it doesn't affect the game development of Contagion, he is swapping dev members that are working on Contagion to project Ageless and now we get almost no response from any other devs besides Tatsur0 who working on business related stuff. ( I miss Deej )

    My guess is that until they are done with project Ageless we won't see any new content. If we are lucky we may get some bugfixes but that's it.

    And there is the "community interaction" which I think is absolutely pointless. He didn't mentioned anything to help or support modders and mappers. Having more custom content will definitely help more the game than giving out free copies of Contagion on some hungry beggers who can't afford Contagion for whatever reason which leads me to thinking that most of them are underage and not the consumer group that Contagion as a zombie horror game should be focus on. They will play the game and that's it.

    Contagion playerbase is going to decrease even further because all of the regular players are inactive or on standby. Kickstarter players are all gone already. You might see one if you are very lucky. This is a very interesting topic because it is very hard to keep a growing playerbase alive. If you don't show any passion to your own game and keep your regular community members satisfied it will end up dead sooner or later.

    With all that said I still love this game and haven't found any games that are similar to this one. So I will be sticking with this game for a while and see where it goes.