Apr 21, 2016

Status updates, STARDROP news.


Demo version.

After quite some time, Team V pulls out demo version of STARDROP. You can play this demo version right now. Click on this link for PC specs, download section and other information.

If you have any feedback(please, have a constructive feedback), you can post that here.

Kickstarter project.

If my mind isnt mistaken, somewhere in April 25-26, Team V launches a STARDROP's Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter project contains pretty much interesting rewards including OST, posters and etc. The minimum amount is...15$ if I am correct. No public link yet, will post once campaign launches.

In hopes of success, Team V will use the amount for upgrading\fixing PC's, licenses fees, Kickstarter's fees, assets.

About the game.

STARDROP is a narrative driven Sci-Fi first person adventure and exploration game set in the future.

  • A strong rich story breaking from the usual dark Sci-Fi.
  • Explore multiple spacecraft as a salvage and rescue operative.
  • Professional voice acting to drive an intimate story full of mysteries and excitement. 
  • A family friendly narrative driven gaming experience. 
  • Broad range of immersive puzzles and secrets.
  • Open world based exploration.

The aim is to engage the player with excitement through exploring these derelict spacecrafts and unraveling their secrets.

Status updates.

Its been a while since I posted anything in this blog once again. Rarely but sometimes I just dont want to write anything here because I am not exactly sure what I can write here or there is other things that affects me. In this case, after leaving Monochrome, I felt terrible at first days. After sometime of recovering, I feel myself slightly sad.
Its been more than just month of my leaving but I know for sure: Nobody cared at all in Monochrome when I was leaving. To be honest, I expected that but after all these 2 years of extreme loyalty and dedication towards team, I expected something different rather than just smile face ":)".
After that moment, I have also lost a good amount of known mates(not just Monochrome members). Sigh.

Throwing away sadness, at this moment I am working with Team V now, same job title: Playtester of STARDROP game however, with laptop not being able to handle UE4, there is nothing I can do but just hope for the success of Kickstarter campaign. If everything goes well, I will be able to work and test the crap out of STARDROP, so people will enjoy almost bug free game.(Why "almost"? Because you can never be so sure about all bugs being spotted and covered up. )

While I still cant work with STARDROP properly, I am still messing around with Sven Co-op 5.0. Same deal, modding, tweaking and trying to get some fun in Guns of Icarus Online with KG community.

Oh...and today is that bloody day of my appearance in this world. How terrible is this is, oh well.

I'll post the link once Kickstarter campaign gets released.
-Thanks and have fun.


  1. Thx for the heads up Orphanage! I will try the demo out when I have the time :) Wish you all the best in Team V!

  2. I'm not sure when you updated this post but happy birthday and stay frosty!

    1. I havent updated this post at all. Cheers.