Oct 1, 2016

Yet another update to my blog.

Its been awhile since I posted something in this blog, indeed. Today, I'd like to update my blog with information regarding to STARDROP, Contagion and such.


Slowly but surely, the development of STARDROP is going well. Soon or later, chapter 1 of STARDROP will be uploaded on one of the gaming platforms, so players can take a look on game and see how it is. We do plan release the game on Steam platform as well, however, there is something we need to smooth out first.
On another note, Joure released a new video of STARDROP: Pre-release trailer:

We got also some plans regarding to STARDROP but I am not going to spoil them yet.

Contagion: Afterlife.

As you might also know, I quit working on Contagion project due bunch of reasons. I am not going to spoil these reasons and I am not going to discuss about that. What I would like to write here is some thoughts about Contagion and how it may go in future. 
Please keep in mind that every text below this link is simple thoughts, personal opinion.

No one really knows who is working on project Contagion at this moment, as we know Monochrome, Inc is focusing their strength on Project Ageless, leaving Contagion behind with quite good amount of bugs\glitches and such.
The hope was lost back at February 2016 when it become really clear that some developers simply dont give a fuck about some nasty glitches. For example: Holiday assets(Halloween\Christmas ones), level designing bugs or even programming issues. Even some props(materials\models) got some glitches in, not to mention a glitch with audio files whenever reloading certain weapons.

While it is indeed sad to know all that, I found that CCL Sama himself were trying to fix things up earlier. I am pretty sure he is still doing that(sure, after all he got invited to the team and now works with them without singing NDA document(funny enough, seriously.)) however, I do have a feel about CCL Sama's powers will be overused\abused for their own advantage. Actually, they are already doing that, as I was notified that they are already uses CCL Sama's nav fixes and such. I wouldnt be really surprised if CCL Sama wont get ANY sort of rewards for his hard work whatsoever.
I dont blame any developers to be honest but I do hate the fact when my reports was simply ignored. For example: Requesting navmesh fixes or even removing holiday props. It doesnt take THAT much time, seriously(I could fix all that shit, if I could know how to work with hammer but I can fix navmesh by myself too, you know). Back at days, when I attempted to fix nav mesh for few maps, these got accepted however, a level designer didnt even bothered to verify, check those out and asked me to stop doing that so. I assume this was because I am cutting someone's paycheck or maybe because they dont like when they see someone else doing their job, so they would feel themselfs useless? I dont know.

As for playtesters, I still have no idea if NeoAssassin works on project or not. Hell, even he doesnt know that sort of information(as he mentioned that on forums), so I am not exactly sure who is actually doing in deep testing besides of CCL Sama himself. I doubt developers do that.

Cant also not to mention about programmer. Nothing against him much but its been about 5 months already since his announcement of doing some work but look around: Its not there, its not in public build whatsoever.

Cant also not to mention a community on forums. The community lost their hopes and stopped believing in all that stuff that developers says as they got fed up with their "promises" and lies.
Community still demands new animations(mo cap),a lobby system, Mac&Linux versions and even more. However, all these things are still not released and you either have to sit and wait or just do something else. I have no doubt that community even hates some developers(highlighted for those who fails to read sometimes), not just for the lying to them but for the fact how they treat them or just simply do not give a shit and never responds.

I suspect releasing a new update(IF THAT EVER HAPPENS) will take a shitload of time for them to release all that. On top of all that, I doubt we can see anything serious besides of CCL Sama's already released fix(in Workshop) of navmesh for Escape maps.
Its been 9 months already since serious update of Contagion. But sadly enough, holiday assets, serious glitches, issues are still present in that video game and no updates regarding to this was released yet. Nothing but just few words: "Hey guys, we are working!" or such.
A lot of people refuses to play Contagion these days and even hardcore fans decided to do that as well(such as myself, not because of work). I am pretty sure that Contagion will lose their community completely really soon but we shall see.

End of the line with my thoughts\opinion.
I must admit, I do listen some soundtracks created by Ulrich earlier such as Into the Dark or Barlowe Square subway station. These are the only tracks that still keeps me somehow connected with Contagion but not that much as I used to it. I do check forums sometimes but besides of listening and checking forums out - Im not doing anything for Contagion at all.
Oh, I should also admit that I am still getting friend requests that asks me to help them with Contagion. I would love to do that but I am not going to, as I am no longer considered as official PT and I already described EVERYTHING in bloody pinned threads. Aside from that, people could use search field but eh.

Sven Co-op survival map pack(WIP).

I love Sven Co-op. I love Survival gamemode. But sadly, only 2 official maps got Survival gamemode implemented. Possibly because developers believes that Survival gamemode isnt fitting well for most official maps. In my opinion: Thats a lie.

So I decided to prove it that official maps(well most of them) are totaly fine with Survival gamemode. 
Currently, it supports 27 .bsp files(so it will be....13 maps(including series) in total) but I am planning to add more maps however, its not that quite easy as it requires logic and correct positioning. Also sometimes simply needed more entities to be added, in order to make map balanced just a little. Still...
...if you wish to check this pack out, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, check this link out.
Please keep it in mind that this pack is WIP. Some problems with balance or issues MAY happen, so if you found anything weird(which you shuoldnt) please, report it here. If you are also having some feedback or just wish to suggest something, feel free to do so here.

To install this pack, please extract "maps" folder in svencoop_addon folder. After all that, launch the game and start up the map and enjoy.

Regarding to guides such as Source > GoldSrc converting(porting) and NMRiH in depth guides.

I decided to scrap these guides for simple reason.

Regarding to Source > GoldSrc guide.
You can find plenty of guides with that sort of information. Just simply google CSS to CS1.6 converting or something and you'll find it. If you somehow, fail to find anything like these then fine, be that way, I'll write the guide(for the second time) again.

Regarding to NMRiH in depth guide.
The reason of scrapping this sort of guide is simple. Most people proved themselfs to be worthless and mostly cant read\hear\accept things correctly and such. Since my guide was divided into 4 parts, I had a feeling that whoever is reading the guide will be either simply bored of reading or just will be unable to read everything at all. Sure, there is always people who would read the guide completely, regardless how much it was divided but these are rare. I can write this guide once again but I kinda dont want to, as players can learn the game by themselfs quicker. Practice always works on everything after all.

Regarding to my own blog and why there wasnt much information on it earlier.

The reason why I couldnt\still cant update all time is simple. I am working and I am sick as well. I seriously wish to update this blog much frequent as used to it but right now, I simply cant. There so much things in my mind and I cant share those. There so many ideas, hopes, memories that causes me to forget some stuff around and my own blog was part of that "forgotten" part. I am indeed sorry about that but you have to understand me as well. I surely hope you will.


None needed. Everything described already...well except of the fact that I cant wait for new fault(fault StP to be exact) to be released. Oh well.
I thank you for taking your time and reading that massive amount of text above and I do wish you good luck in future.

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  1. Thx for the article :) It was a nice read.

    I don't get any rewards or money for the nav fixes. Only my name will be mentioned somewhere if they manage to update the game.