Dec 12, 2016

STARDROP: Kickstarter Round 2.

Some people had a hope for us to launch a new Kickstarter project. And we did it.

Before all that...

After some time of discussion, Joure figured out that Indiegogo might be a fine place to start a new attempt to get STARDROP crowdfunding going. In fact, even before Indiegogo, he created his own campaign on his website which was working very well.(If we exclude people not knowing that and such).
Once new page on Indiegogo was created, Joure added many cool stuff with new videos, information and such. However...after some time, the page got deleted from Indiegogo. There is few reasons for that but I am not going to spoil these, in fact, it was Joure deleting that page, so dont blame Indiegogo staff(in case if you had that feel). After some time and discovering new features from Kickstarter, Joure decided to try it again and whole Team V now hopes it will work for sure.

Kickstarter Round 2.

I am glad to announce STARDROP Kickstarter page again. If we will compare old with new Kickstarter pages, we can see there is quite a lot of stuff was added after all that which means: Team V is working really hard to deliver cool stuff to you.
You can support us by heading here. Of course, we tried to cover up many things that might come into your mind but if you still got questions, feel free to ask there.
We do really hope this one will work for us, so things will be much brighter for all of us.

Thanks and good luck in future.

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