Jun 17, 2017

Intig - Modfälld - Out now!

An new album by my favorite band has been released!

This one is an EP and contains only 5 tracks.

1. - It Always Comes Back(Instrumental) - 5:50
2. - Wistful Nights - 6:52
3. - Forlorn - 6:05
4. - К забытой вечности (Featuring Waldgeist) - 6:39 (An Russian singer)
5. - 3 AM

Get this album on Intig Bandcamp.

Jun 13, 2017

No More Room in Hell: In depth guide.

And yet again...I decided to write an big guide with everything I have experienced, collected in my mind and few advises how to do things properly in NMRiH game and how not to get wasted.


I want to write a full guide with as much details as possible. Everything I provide below is based on my personal experience in past years of playing standalone and mod of No More Room in Hell game and I will provide only information related with official content.
The reason why I decided to write this guide(again), is just only because I got into NMRiH again and god dammit, 90% of players are still bad as they was.


There is 2 gamemodes in No More Room in Hell: Objective and Survival.

Objective(NMO_ maps).

In this gamemode, you need to complete set of objectives(obviously) in order to get out from map alive and get yourself evacuated. The objectives on all official maps will randomize each time when new round starts, allowing you to discover more or less weapons, get angry because of some certain objectives being pain in ass and you will need assistance from other player sometimes or else.
There is nothing I can tell much about this gamemode, as you need to learn by yourself how objectives needs to be completed. The only one suggestion I can tell is that you need to plan ahead before completing objective and be ready for anything.

Survival(NMS_ maps).

Survival is a wave based gamemode where your objective is to defend your safe zones against waves of zombies. Each wave will increase amount of zombies you need to kill. Losing safe zone can and will cause Survivors to lose round because they failed to complete their only one objective: Keeping safe zones clean and working.

Safe Zones.
Safe Zones is the place where Survivors will usually spawn. Keeping Safe Zones clean from zombies is the main objectives for every Survivor. Dont let zombies destroy Safe Zone, otherwise you can lose the round. Best just to stay near Safe Zone all time and defeat every incoming zombie towards the Safe Zone. Sometimes, zombies will push you off(because of horde) and you will be forced to retreat back to your Safe Zone. Dont worry, as long as you stand on Safe Zone alone, you will be able to block off zombies attacking Safe Zone. By default, the number of zombies can be blocked by one Survivor is 11. 8 Survivors standing on one Safe Zone means 88 zombies will be unable to attack and damage your Safe Zone but on later waves, it may not really matter because mostly you will have to deal with 100+ zombies at the time. Whenever Safe Zone is getting attacked and receives damage - the game lets you know which zone is suffering and requires attention(useful on servers with hardcore survival mode on). If hardcore survival mode is disabled on server(mostly), the game will also provide you information on Heads Up Display:
Zone that is not getting damaged and you are currently not standing on that zone will not be highlighted at all.
Zone that is not getting damaged and you are currently standing on that zone will highlight with bright color
Zone that gets damaged will be highlighted with red color.

Most of times, your Safe Zone will get damaged because of zombies and Survivors being careless about Safe Zones. You can repair these Safe Zones by bringing FEMA repair bag to Safe Zone.

Each repair bag restores 25% of damage, the bag will be consumed regardless if the Safe Zone got 100% of health or not, so make sure not to fuck around with these much.

If you lost Safe Zone, then you will be unable to repair the zone until supply drop arrives. Whenever supply drop happens, all lost zones will be repaired up to 50%, allowing Survivors to defend their favorite zone again. Some maps got only one Safe Zone enabled, meaning you have no rights to make a mistake and let one Safe Zone to be destroyed otherwise it will be a game over for you.

On each Safe Zone you can see ghost health box, telling you can put a health box in this Safe Zone for everyone to use.
Each health box will have 200 HP(by default). To use health box, stand in front of health box then press AND hold E button(by default). You dont need to smash your E button just to heal up. Smashing your E button doesnt heal you faster either, so just hold the bloody button. While healing, you will be unable to perform any sort of actions, including movement, attacking, jumping. You can surely crouch though. Healing with health box can also stop bleeding.

Supply Drops.
Military will provide you supplies while you are defending safe zones. They will also repair 50% of already lost zone, making it possible for you to defend them again. How often supply drops happens is depending on map. You can also use flare gun(good luck finding that one) to call supply drop, though remember, only one supply drop per wave is allowed. To call a supply drop when using flare gun, look up and shoot it in sky.

Each supply drop will provide you with random set of weapons(firearms\melee), random medical items and random ammo types.

To take an item, press left mouse button on item and then press TAKE button. Make sure to have an inventory space for the item. If you are taking firearm, you will receive additional 10 bullets for each weapon you took from supply drop.


Your first and prime enemy in this game. Zombies. There is few type of zombies in this game and each of them are dangerous enough. They can and will kill you. Below, I'll provide you information about type of zombies.

Most common zombie type you will see in game. Easy to deal with them but make sure not to get swarmed by these. They are capable of infecting you. Usually, they deal 15 damage or up to 45, depending on their attacks.

Thats right, a god damn running zombies. They are fast, but got less health than walkers. Still, they are very well known of dealing massive amount of damage that can put you on line between life and death. Always deal with them first and then focus on walkers. They are capable of infecting you. Usually, they deal 15 damage or up to 45, depending on their attacks.

Children zombies...oh how many times I saw threads about people being shocked when they had to deal with them and how game developers supposed to remove them.
Children zombies are also runners but they are small and deal less damage than Runners\Walkers. They cant infect you as they swing their hands to damage you. Each time you get damaged by these, your health gets reduced by 8 HP. These type of zombies can be easily killed with pretty much every melee weapon's weak swing, except of knife, fist cuffs and flashlight.

Well obviously, these zombies cant walk but can crawl. They can easily crawl under barricades and if you let them get too close, they can deal damage extremely quick, much quicker than any other types of zombies. They can infect you but they got extremely low health. Even fist cuffs can kill them with just one hit.
You can throw melee weapons at them in order to kill them quick. They deal up to 15 damage but since they are eating you quick enough, you can die from these if you arent too careful.

Military zombies.
I wanted to put these under separated type as these zombies...well...they can be difficult to deal with sometimes.
They wear body armor and helmet, meaning shooting at helmet\body armor will mean nothing to him. You have to shoot him right into his face or slightly lower his face(nose\mouth).
If you are using melee weapons, I usually crouch down and aim high to kill military zombies. They are capable of infecting you and they can also act as walker or a runner.


There is various amount of melee weapons and firearms available for you and your survival. You will need them, if you plan to survive unless you are one of these queers who just fucks around and being completely useless. Below, I'll provide you a list of all weapons available in game.

Melee weapons.

Abrasive Saw.
In right situations, this weapon can save you from massive amount of hordes, though do remember about saw not lasting long forever when its active.
This weapon got 2 type of attacks:
1 - charge attack which is extremely weak and you better not to attack zombies with this attack.
2 - Activate saw. Activating saw will start consuming fuel but will allow you to deal a massive amount of damage to zombies very easily. Watch out though, they can still damage you if you arent aiming at their brain or whenever you are getting surrounded.
The amount of fuel you can load in this saw is 80.

This weapon is extremely powerful but consumes too much stamina if you are swinging all time just to kill zombies. Sure, its fun but keep it cool and dont abuse that weapon too much as runners or children may sneak up and start beating you up.
One simple swing is capable to kill any zombie near you.
Oh..and it takes a lot of inventory space.

Almost every player loves this weapon for being light, powerful and easy to use. This weapon is capable of killing any runner with just one weak swing while killing walkers will require you to charge this weapon and then attack walker.
Doesnt require too much time to charge a weapon. I'd say about 1.5 seconds is more than enough.

Same stats as Sledgehammer, just fancy looking pickaxe and quite sharp. Dont abuse with that weapon too much.
Almost same as Sledgehammer but much worse as it may not deal enough damage to walkers or military zombies. I personally, do not recommend to use this weapon unless you dont have much choice.
Probably one of the greatest melee weapons you can get when you cant get a machete. Its lighter than machete, but requires you to charge with this weapon slightly longer. Oh..and you cant kill runners with one weak swing. You have to charge this weapon as well to kill these. About 1.5 - 1.8 seconds is enough to kill walker.
Mind you about the fact that charging hatchet can block off your vision on screen and you can miss out some things.
Good weapon but takes quite some inventory space. Charging weapon sometimes can block your vision and you may miss some zombies sneaking up or simply not notice them in front of you(crawlers).
Cleaver knife.
Just like kitchen knife but slightly better.
Interesting weapon. While you have 2 swing attack types when you got this tool acting as shovel, pressing right mouse button will force you to have only one swing attack but I think during that mode, you will deal slightly more damage. To change modes of your attacks, press right mouse button and let animation to be completed or ugh..simply quick-switch weapons.
Everyone's favorite weapon. Just like abrasive saw but can load 20 more fuel unlike Abrasive saw.
Baseball bat.
Not really a good weapon but at least something to defend yourself if everyone took their best melee weapons or simply nothing else left to defend with. Requires quite some charging time to kill walker with one hit.
Great weapon, works same as machete, however, you might be unlucky on killing runners with one swing, unless you aim and hit them in their neck or higher.
Also this weapon is heavy but not that terribly bad unlike sledgehammer.
Fire Extinguisher.
Sure, this one mostly used as objective item to unlock new paths or items, you however, can use this as weapon, although I do not recommend to use that as weapon at all, as its really weak and it takes lots of inventory space.
Barricade hammer.
Mainly, used to barricade things but can be used as weapon.
Another weak weapon which requires lots of charging time in order to kill one walker. Doesnt take too much space, but its slightly heavier than knife.
You can barricade doorways\windows with your planks. Every barricade hammer has at least one plank available for you to use.
To barricade, press right mouse button while having hammer in hand. You'll pull out a plank out of your..ugh..body lets say and then your windows\doorways will have "ghost planks". Aim at these and press left mouse button to start barricading. Watch out though, zombies will attack you while you are trying to barricade. You can avoid that by pressing holster button.

Extremely weak and bad weapon in general. Doesnt takes too much space and usually useful against children\crawlers. For takin out walkers\runners, use something else.

While this one mostly used for completing objectives, you can also kill some zombies with it. Quite weak weapon though.

Kitchen knife.
CS:GO kiddos will love this weapon, I bet. In reality, this is shittiest weapon you can ever get. Only useful just to stab crawlers and nothing else. Never ever use this weapon, not even on casual difficulty.

Mossberg 500A.
Civilian grade pump action shotgun. The maximum amount of shells you can load in this shotgun is 6.
An semi-auto rifle, heavy and good for clearing out corridors\rooms from zombies. The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 21.
CZ 858.
Lots of people will compare this gun with AK47 but let me tell you something, this gun is not really an AK. While you use bullets that is similar with AK47, the design of this gun is slightly different than AK47, this gun however, was created in Czech hence why "CZ" labeled. The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 31.
Colt 1911.
Favorite weapon of all players due light weight and how much bullets you can carry for this gun. Easy to aim, kill and whatever.
The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 8.

Remington 870.
Military grade pump action shotgun. Quite same weight as Mossberg but this gun allows you load up more shells than Mossberg and it has slightly less spread, I believe. The maximum amount of shells you can load in this gun is 9.

An simple firearm for almost all police officers in US. Lighter than Beretta pistol, loads slightly more bullets than Beretta as well, however, just like Beretta and MP5A3, this gun cant kill zombies with one shot, though if you use focus\skill mode, you will be able to kill them with one shot. The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 18.
Military grade sniper rifle. Heavy, slow fire rate, completely worthless at shooting without aiming through scope. Nothing much I can say about this gun. The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 11.
Single\burst firing weapon from US military. With mounted ACOG scope, this weapon is perfect on medium and long range distances but its not even bad with short ranges as well. Heavy weapon and bullets for this gun is also heavy. The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 31.

Beretta 92Fs
Standard military pistol. Slightly heavier than Glock and loads less bullets in gun. Military zombies can drop this gun upon death however, there wont be any bullets in this gun. This gun cant kill zombies with one shot, though if you use focus\skill mode, you will be able to kill them with one shot. The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 16.
An terrible SMG that is mainly used to unload this gun for .45 ACP bullets so they can use these for Colt 1911. Not really heavy. Despite of the fact this gun uses .45 ACP bullets, this gun cant kill zombies with one shot. You will always have to shoot another bullet just to kill one walker. Best just to unload this gun and use load these bullets in Colt. If you intend to use this gun, good luck on aiming as this gun blocks like 50% of your screen when aiming down sights.
The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 31.
SKS with Bayonet.
USSR weapon with fancy bayonet, allowing you to replace your melee weapon with this baby! Almost 95% of time, shooting with this gun while not aiming down sights will land a perfect shot in face of zombie, though, finding bullets for this gun can be difficult sometimes. Using bayonet most of times will be a wise choice though, it cant be buggy and you cant shove zombies away when getting surrounded, because shove button acts as stabbing with bayonet. The maximum bullets you can load in this gun is 10.

Civilian grade sniper rifle. Same stats as JAE-700 but loads less bullets in this gun. The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 6.
Military grade SMG. Has 3 fire modes: Full auto, burst and single shot. Quite cool weapon and its not that heavy however, this gun cant kill zombies with one shot just like all these guns using 9mm bullets. Oh..you cant also use focus\skillshot mode with this gun, so its better just to unload this gun and use these bullets with pistol.
The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 31.
Ruger MK III
A fine pistol. Light and easy to use however this gun cant kill zombies with one shot, although you can use focus\skillshot mode to kill zombies with one shot.
The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 11.
Winchester Super X3
Semi-auto shotgun. Cool for cleaning up zombies but you need to stay at close distance if you wish to kill zombies with one shot.
The maximum amount of shells you can load in this gun is 6.
An double barreled shotgun. Doesnt have much spread, really slow reloading speed, Always need to aim down sights otherwise God knows where your shot will land if you fire from your hip. Can be useful for takin out 2 or 3 zombies at once. Not really recommended for general use. The maximum amount of shells you can load in this gun is 2.
An revolver. Simple and obvious. Quick firing speed when shooting from hip and slow firing speed while aiming down sights(I seriously dont understand this logic).Quick on reloading, capable of killing multi-zombies at one shot. With focus\skillshot mode, you can achieve maximum damage.
The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 6.
Well, obvious name is obvious. Slow firing speed, quite terrible when shooting from your hip, slow reloading speed. Eats lots of bullets per load(15). Usually, used to just unload the gun and use these with revolver.
The maximum amount of bullets you can load in this gun is 16.

Ruger 10\22
Terrible weapon with not so much spread and unable to kill zombies with one shot. Doesnt take too much space. Causes ear rape for rest of players(and possibly you too) whenever you are reloading this gun. Best to just unload this gun and use it with Ruger MKIII.

Different variants of firearms.
Sometimes, you will find different variants of guns. For example, M16A4 with care handle(no ACOG) or SKS with no bayonet. Below, I'll provide you the list of these weapons.

SKS with no Bayonet attachment.
The only one thing you might notice is this SKS doesnt have Bayonet attachment which means, you'll be unable to stab but just shove these zombies away.

Sako-85 ironsights.
Doesnt have sniper scope attachment. No other changes.
M16A4 with care handle.
This gun doesnt have ACOG attachment, making aiming with this gun quite harder. No other changes.
Ruger 10\22 with extended magazine.
This gun allows you to load 15 more bullets because of extended magazine, so if you happen to find one, you'll be able to load 26 bullets per 1 magazine. Just like first variant of this gun, reloading with this gun can cause ear rape a little bit.

Other weapons.
Just few more weapons for you to use.

PSE deer hunter.
An bow. Has terrible sights so aiming with this one might be hard. 1 second of charging with arrow is enough to kill zombie, while charging weapon for 5 seconds will cause your arrow to penetrate through zombies head. You can always pick these arrows up as well to use them again, assuming you remember where they landed to.

An explosive that makes a big boom killing lots of zombies near with it. Dont get caught in blast as well.
M67 Grenade.
An small explosive device used to explode things, obviously. Has small blast radius and deals not so much damage, unless zombies are dancing on top of this grenade.
Used to burn things. Deals quite lots of damage if anyone stands on top of fire. Perfect for cleaning up entrances\exists when barricaded yourself inside of the zone. Be careful, setting zombies on fire can cause them to get mad and will start running after you.

Flare gun.
Mostly used to call an supply drop so you can get guns and bullets. This works ONLY on Survival gamemode. If you happen to find an flare gun on Objective gamemode maps, then you will be unable to call an supply drop and you can only use this gun just to set someone on fire.

Ammo and what gun uses these?!
Lots of players seem to be taking everything they see, including all bullets laying down on ground without having gun that uses these bullets. Quite sad but at same time, you'll feel great for seeing dead hoarder laying down on ground with shitload of stuff he took. Anyways, lets jump on list of bullets and explanation of these.

Fuel canister.
No, you cant use these to explode them and cause some fire unlike shitty L4D games. These canisters used to fill up your Abrasive Saw\Chainsaw. Despite of the fact these saws are heavy enough, carrying more fuel for them can be even more heavier than ever, so be careful.
9MM bullets.
Quite light to carry but having 50 bullets in inventory will force you to start thinking if you need more or not.
MP5A3, Glock, Beretta 92Fs uses these bullets.
These bullets will never kill any zombie with one shot, except of children\crawlers, so please, try to use focus\skillshot mode if you want to kill them easiler.(MP5A3 cant be used with this mode.)
Military zombies can drop box of 9MM rounds upon death. They always drop 5 bullets upon death and no more. Do remember, they do not always drop these.
5x56 NATO bullets.
Bullets for famous M16A4. Can be heavy to carry. 3 full magazines(1 in gun and 2 for spare) can fill your inventory up completely. Military zombies can also drop a clip of these bullets. They always drop 7 bullets and no more.
.357 bullets.
S&W 686 and Winchester uses these bullets. You can carry up to 130 bullets if you got revolver up(screenshot below), while also carrying at least one bottle of pills\bandage and melee weapon.

.308 bullets.
FN-FAL, JAE-700 and Sako-85 uses these bullets. Not really heavy but carrying 40 bullets can be enough.
Obviously, usable only for Flare gun. If you ever find one flare gun(which is possible on Survival maps), finding these can be also problematic, though sometimes, you can find lots of these but no flare gun. :)
You might be surprised but I am telling ya, some hoarders takes all of these planks as well and then die somewhere far away like an idiots.
These planks can be used to barricade doorways\windows and nothing else. You cant use these as weapon(unlike Project Zomboid) and these takes really low amount of space in inventory.
Used for bow. Not so heavy.
Shotgun shells.
Our lovely shotgun shells to blow these zombie heads off!
Remington 870, Mossberg 500-A, Super X3 and SV-10 uses these bullets since these are shotguns. Doesnt take too much space but having 70 shells would be enough.
.22 bullets.
Ruger MK-III and Ruger 10\22 uses these. Never kills zombies with one hit(except of crawlers\children again). Really light but having about 50-60 bullets in inventory is okay.
.45 ACP rounds.
Colt 1911 and MAC-10 uses these bullets. If you got colt, you can have lots of bullets while also carrying decent melee weapon and full pack of medical items.
7.62 bullets.
CZ and SKS weapons uses these. Powerful but still doesnt kill zombies with one shot if they get shot in body.

Medical items.

Every player, I mean, every single player will need some medical item for survival. Even "pra" players will need them as well. Here is list of these items.

Bottle of pills.
Simple bottle of pills to delay zombification to happen. Using these for the first time will delay zombification for 4 minutes. Next uses can reduce delay time by 20-30 seconds each. Finding these bottles can be also hard.
FAK(First Aid Kit).
An medkit allowing you to restore your health. Restores 30 health per medkit. Can also stop bleeding but try not to use medkit just to get rid of bleeding due slow animation of medkit usage.
Used when you are bleeding. Restores 15 HP. Always use these when you are bleeding to gain 15HP and quickly stop bleeding.
Gene Therapy.
An dumb piece of shit item that was added to counter crying kids about infection too much(because they are bad at this game).
Extremely hard to find, tiny(almost impossible to see them).
Using this thing will remove infection from you but do remember, you can get "blind"(not really, your FOV just increases to 1) and you will be unable to do anything. If you ask me, I would do a proper blinding effect rather than making dumb piece of shit FOV change. You can easily replace pills with this thing, if you found it.

Make sure to heal up completely while playing game. Alt-tabbing during healing interrupts healing(even when animation keeps playing) and you will have to start over again(dumb mechanic).

Using melee weapons and how to be great with them.

Melee weapons are great. Mastering each of these can help you to complete most maps without even wasting any bullet. Below, I'll provide you instructions how you need to play with melee weapon.
  1. Charge your melee weapon. How many seconds you need to spend to fully charge a weapon depends on melee weapon itself.
  2. Get close to zombie and smack\stab his face off.
  3. Press "V" button(shove\bash) right after releasing your left mouse button.
  4. If zombie died, repeat the process, move back if you need to.
    If zombie didnt died, hope for your shove\bash button did a trick and caused zombie to step back a little bit. Dont forget to fall back a bit and repeat the process.
  • Melee weapons will hit anything whenever you are attacking with it. For example, a single horizontal swing of sledgehammer can kill up to 3 zombies at once.
  • Never spam with left mouse button clicks as you drain your stamina faster. Use these weak swings only to finish off already wounded zombie or crawlers and on children(some melee weapons will require 2 weak swings to kill children).


Every player is able to commit suicide whenever needed. If you want to make it dramatic enough, take your firearm out and press "K" button(by default). Your character will point the gun on face and the sound will have fading effect. Pressing left mouse button will force character to shoot yourself while pressing right mouse button or "K" button again will make your character refuse to shoot yourself. If you are really intending to suicide, at least make sure you got 1 bullet loaded in firearm.
Committing suicide when infected will make sure you will never come back as zombie.

Zippo or flashlight?

Each player got zippo(lighter) available to use when required. If you compare zippo with flashlight, you'll see big differences between these two. Major ones are:
  • Zippo doesnt take your inventory space while flashlight does.
  • Unlike zippo, a flashlight is able to light up far areas and other players will be able to see that flashlight beam. Zippo only provides light around you.
  • Zippo might not light up after first try while flashlight will start working after first attempt.
  • Zippo cant set zombies on fire. Neither flashlight.
  • Flashlight can be used together with most melee weapons and pistols.
  • Every time when you run or jump with Zippo, you will have to light zippo again.
  • Using flashlight results a massive amount of console spamming with errors in coding which can result a slow down on weak\laptops machines.
I'll leave it up to your decision which lighting item to use.

Compass usage.

Compass is the thing allowing you to figure out where next objective is or where your Safe zones are.
To check compass, press "C" button(by default). Once you pressed on that button, pay attention to the lower center where you'll see compass. Dots usually means where next objective are while looking around on NMS_ maps will allow you to see where Safe Zones are.


There is 3 difficulties in this game: Casual, Classic, Nightmare.

Casual difficulty.
An difficulty for all newcomers or just for dudes who doesnt look for challenges.
The infection chances from bites are low, weapons\ammo spawns more frequent, players will respawn near by if they died somehow, zombies health is really low.

Thats the difficulty where NMRiH itself got started since mod. Lots of changes happened before Steam release but heres the list.

Infection chances are high, not that high when you got a lot of health, same applies for bleeding.
Zombies got more HP, players can only respawn if map got second chance option enabled.

Some shitty attempt to make the game realistic and dangerous.
Zombies can be easily killed with 9MM guns when shooting in face.
Players do not respawn with second chance.
Zombies got a lot of health, melee weapons mostly are useless.
Runners\Children spawn more frequently.
Extremely high chances of getting infected. Almost insta-infect if you got 85 or less HP.

Things you need to remember when playing and useful tips.

The information below provides you with list of useful tips and things you must remember when playing this bloody game.
  • Always watch your back.
  • Dont abuse yourself, always let your stamina fully recharge unless they are getting closer.
    To restore stamina quickly, crouch and do not move. Moving reduces stamina recharging a little bit.
  • Always have a gun for backup. Any gun will do but one shot kill guns is better. When your Safe Zone gets damaged even when you are standing on it, you might want to start shooting but be careful when your ammo is getting low.
  • Always have a decent melee weapon.(Hatchet\Crowbar\Machete\Lead pipe(rarely) or E-tool.)
  • Make sure you dont have other Survivors near you\behind you as they can "push\block" your movement a little bit causing you to be hit.
    Sometimes, you get people who pushed you off by accident(purpose or not). I respond with same action or simply teamkilling these people.
  • Never, I mean, never tell people about you being infected, otherwise, you put yourself in danger of being killed by your team. Even with friendly fire being disabled, any infected players can be killed by rest of Survivors as well. In 60% of situations, having low health can cause your teammates to be suspicious about you and will start attacking you on sight.
  • Always keep yourself calm and do not let zombies destroy Safe zones even when there is shitload of these. Killing them resolves the problem. Do not run away for FEMA bag just to repair your zone, as leaving can cause your Safe Zone to be destroyed even quicker.
  • When playing on Objective gamemode, dont wait for the rest of teammates when it is obvious they are bad or extremely slow(which is 95% of all rounds). 
  • Running zombies\children will never catch you as long as you keep going forward and your path is clear. Use this to restore your stamina on move and then deal with them. Be careful, they can form up horde of running zombies\children which can put you in danger while using melee weapon, so using gun for cases like these would be a fine choice.
  • Since this is a Free-To-Play game, expect trolls to join at the game and fucking things up. In this case, best you can do is just ignore these or simply leave from the server.
  • Dead players cant communicate with alive players. This applies to both types of chats, voice and text. Some servers has sv_alltalk enabled(value 1) which allows dead players to communicate with living players via VOICE CHAT only.
  • Use focus\skillshot mode to kill zombies with one hit when using Ruger-MKIII or Glock or Beretta 92Fs.
    To use focus\skillshot mode, take your PISTOL(NOT A GOD DAMN RIFLE OR SOMETHING ELSE, JUST A PISTOL) out and start aiming down sights but do not fire. Wait 5 seconds before seeing your screen changing color and your character holding breath. Once you screen turns into brown color a little bit, that mean you are using focus\skillshot mode and shooting at zombie with deal more damage and possibly more penetration on high caliber pistols(colt\revolver). This allows you to use Glock\Beretta\Ruger in much proper way and can help you on killing zombies easily. Careful, each shot\slight move(even when you got pushed off by other players) will cause you to exit from focus\skillshot mode. Here is a gif image for preview:
  • When your Safe zone is getting destroyed by massive amount of zombies, do your best not to die as sometimes, spawn points might be blocked off by zombies, which can cause you to stuck in spectator mode regardless if you have respawn token or not.
  • Each 40 kill on Survival gamemode maps will provide you 1 respawn token which can be used at any time. You will respawn right after dying regardless if the wave is cleared or not.
  • New wave on Survival gamemode will start when only 5 remaining zombies left according from HUD. Killing all zombies will allow you to buy sometimes to barricade\heal up\get things or whatever, so make sure to kill all zombies to clear out wave completely.
  • Never trust ping value while watching at scoreboard. Use net_graph 1.
  • On later waves, servers may lag out and cause ping spikes. Keep that in mind.
  • Zombies hitboxes can be a little off, especially when it comes to firearms. It is visible enough when shooting with sniper rifles.
  • Whenever zombie is about to smack you(not to bite you), turn around real quick and jump at the time when you are getting smacked. If you did it in time, you will fly a little bit because of knockback.
  • Do not trust your melee attacking sounds. Just because you heard stabbing\smashing sound from your melee weapon, doesnt always mean zombie got damaged with it. Always make sure you charge up enough to kill zombie. This is a well known source engine bug which was never fixed.


I do not expect people to read entire guide of mine. I tried my best to cover everything up as much as possible. No doubts, I forgot something there or there which is okay. I just hope people will read this guide once upon time and will discover something new for themselves.

As usual, thank you for reading and good luck.